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All right, welcome back. [hey] we had a
comment on a different video [a] viewer wanted to know a little bit about
How we set up our body armor what what kind of pouches stuff like that we put on it
[so] we decided to do another video. We’ll break it down just for him. [I] can try to keep
What you have on your body on your kit on your weapon
To the bare minimum, don’t weigh yourself down [with]
[coolguy] stuff if you really don’t need it if you don’t need a lot of stuff
Don’t put a lot of stuff on there
You’ll find some units carry a lot of extra gear because they have different assigned jobs
And tasks if your job is basic, and simple don’t add all the extra stuff if you don’t need it alright
So let’s start with the front of the body [on] right off the bat you need ammo for your primary weapon
System in that case. We’re running [5] [5] [6] mags, so on the front of the body armor here
We’ve got 3 5 5 6 mags on each side, and then there’s some more we can reach by
Reaching around behind them on. The back side of body armor here
I’ll cover them when we get to the back all right now. You notice the retaining band is off of this first magazine
That’s so that if we had to quickly reload our rifle
We could do that from that position right there
but other than that all the other
Magazines all have some form of retaining device on them the reason for that if you were to trip and fall
off that ramp of that helicopter or
It just basically fall down fall upside down going through a window whatever
[maybe] you don’t all your magazines to fall out of you’re out [of] your kit alright
You just lose all your cool points 1 & 2 now, you’re wasting time on the battlefield trying to pick your stuff back up
after you’re done
With mags for your primary weapon system. You need mags for your secondary [weapon] system
Just like how we do it on our belt where we keep our reload mags on our side
Same way on our kit right that magazine will [be] up in our right hand or your your strong hand whichever [eye]
Dominant you are my magazines from my pistol are set up
And on my other side so that my support hand can quickly
Perform that speed reload on that pistol now likewise same with the rifle my first
pistol mag is set up for a speed reload it does not have a retaining band over the top the
Hundredths of a second that I can save may make a difference between life and death inside a room if my long gun goes down
inside a room
I’m already having a bad day. My reload on my pistol has got to be as fast as possible all right once I’ve got my
Reloads for all my weapon systems out of the way after that we’re looking at medical gear you need to have a tourniquet
Where you can reach it with either hand okay? So don’t just think well
I’m going to have it on my left side put your hand on [your] wallet
All right now put your hand on your other hand on your wallet. You can’t get to it with that other hand can you?
Likewise that tourniquet needs to be somewhere where you get it, so for me
I keep that tourniquet on my belt where I can get to it
And I keep another one right on the front of my body armor right here now other than that
I will have medical gear either in my deltoid pouches, or you see on my belt
I’ve got a med pouch right center on the back. That’s where I keep
medical gear for me to do self aid with now
Buddy aid that’s I don’t need to be able to do buddy buddy aid on myself
So that pouch is actually on the back
I’ll cover that when we get back there [-] other than that
I’ve got to push the talk button for my radio that my [belted] headsets [wired] in with my comm system
I plug that in their push-to-talk button other than that a couple other pouches to
[hold] I’ve got a few flash bangs up front and a pouch here to hold a firing system for A
Explosive door charge other than that you don’t you do not need a whole lot [of] other stuff on here. I
We’ll talk about the back of it. I
already mentioned that I keep a
Buddy aid Medical kit on the back now
I can’t reach [that] right that’s not for me to treat somebody else that’s for somebody else to treat me when that other
Assaulter comes up to me
He’ll take this kit off
And he’ll use the medical gear in here to patch me [up] you also see I’ve got a couple extra flashbang grenades on the back
That’s when I’m the [number-one] man on the door locking down that door the number-two man comes up behind me
He’s already got flashbangs right here in front of me
He’s just got to take it off show it to me, and he’ll be ready pump it in that doorway
[I’ve] also got a couple extra general-Purpose pouches here if it’s a day hit I still want to bring my night vision with me
Right, so I put night vision in there extra batteries for all my electronic equipment
you’ll see there are extra five five six mags that I can reach on both sides and I’ve got a
Hundred Ounce Camelback Bladder Ran down
Behind all of this stuff along [with] my my antenna for my radio all right, so that’s it. It seems like a lot
Just carry what you need all you need is just the bare basics all right? That’s about it. That’s how we
The professionals set up our kit set up our body armor you got any other questions or comments leave them below

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  1. How do you ruck up if you've got pouches on the back of your gear? Last time I rucked with a pouch on the back of my shit, it pushed the kidney pad down and took the whole ruck with it. It was only a four mile movement but I felt like I was gonna herniate a disk or something.

  2. Special forces technique: put as much shit on your gear so you weigh 100 extra pounds and duck walk everywhere

  3. Weird question: do you consider carrying any spare parts for the gun? Perhaps when the bolt or firing pin fails.

  4. Hi carl, I'm running with a UK Warrior DCS with JPC 1.0 Cummerbund, I use a retention bungee on my support side (left) but I also need to carry that MBITR reachable, any ideas on where to put it without crushing it with my gun and change channels with my support hand? Thanks, as always great video.

  5. Goddamn! That must be heavy with all that stuff on the Armor! but great explanations why the stuff is at what exact place.

  6. "Up here I keep a firing system for an explosive door charge"…… hell yea, just what I need…..