11 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Rail Mount How Can We Shop At 2:50

  1. what spotlight should I buy that will last at least two hours, because I go fishing at night and run yoyos?

  2. If you go to a website called dindirect you can pick up one of the Kinfire led lights that run on 4x 186500 batteries. (Looks like a pop can). It's under the top selling pages in flashlights. I put a video or two on here about it. We use it every time we go night fishing. battery life on medium is about 4 hrs. and real bright. Not really a spot but floods everything and almost out punches this light but does it with a huge area as well

  3. can i hire you to read childrens books or for spoken word lullabies for my kids? are you related to nick offerman? haha

  4. Nice light, but too tight of a beam for my needs. Do you have any suggestions for a light to shine deer with?