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  1. Hey adam, have you ever had trouble with pants that ride up when you sit, or are hard to bend down with? I will check out the Taclite pants, but I was wondering if you've ever had this problem and how you fixed it.

    I have trouble finding pants that don't restrict my movement because I have long legs, and am searching for a solution. Great channel by the way, thanks.

  2. Great kit! I would recommend a length of parachute cord. that stuff is priceless in an emergency!

  3. Good kit man. My only suggestion is a canteen kit. A swinging bottle doesnt seem pleasant plus the canteen gives you more capability.

  4. Enjoyed the vid..this is a good start up kit that people can add and tweak to suit themselves…one option you can use for fishing is getting braided line like Spiderwire and got to the Sewing section of a craft store or if you have one close Walmart and purchase some metal sewing bobbins and wrap some of the braided fishing line on them and you can carry plenty of line and not have it take up much room

  5. What's the process for dipping the izula handle in rubber? And how does it compare to the stock G-10 or micarta?

  6. HA Yu DOing, WoW Adam, Your kit looks like your prepared to get lost or hope for a survival situation to happen. When I leave camp, and leave my backpack in camp, I usually carry a large and smaller knife, I usually carry the larger knife on person, But most likely I will have my Mora 510 around my neck, I will take my Wicked Tough Saw in the Combo Sheath. I can even hold my saw in the open position, A real good Tough Saw. My Canteen, and my Necessities Pouch which has a Compass, Firestarter, and a small First Aide Kit. I can carry all on my Military Gun Belt as my Survival Belt. On day hikes, I take a Haversak with my C's and some sort of Lite Carry, like my Mora 2000 and my Mora Hatchet and my Baccho Laplander, With the Brush growing bigger, I like my Case Pawnee Fix Blade and my Case Jungle Machete Knife and my Wooden Fishers Saw. I use the Jungle Machete Knife as my Pre-Summer Long Knife to clear trails. But your gear is good quality.