Tactical Flashlight Rechargeable Led How To Buy

hello and welcome to Simon’s discoveries
so you may have noticed that I’ve been
doing a lot of flashlight reviews and
giveaways recently and I’m not done yet
this time is just going to be a quick
update on my previous review because I
feel like I have to explain something or
maybe just basically what happened is I
think through night messed up their
advertising maybe just made a typo or
maybe they did something something went
wrong with their testing hear me out I’m
going to explain what’s going on so I’m
talking about this through night th-20
head lamp which I really like and I
really wanted to use it on my trips and
because it’s quite lightweight it’s
quite versatile I’ve talked about this
rubber holder before and I really like
it i like the fact that i can i have to
and i can take this off without having
to cut those rubber bands off and i can
replace it with something like this
little strap that fits on my head when I
need to do some small tasks from close
proximity but at the same time I can
extend this thing
and put this on my hip
or my waist rather and why would I want
to do that I’ve already mentioned why so
I’m not going to be talking about this
again I’m just going to remind you that
while headlamps are really good for
small tasks where when you need to
lighten something up from close distance
close range they’re not so good for
actually walking at night with the head
lump on your head first of all it’s
because well when it’s raining you’re
going to have to have a either a hat
like this one or a wide hat either way
there’s going to be brain that’s going
to abstract the beam that’s a big
problem it’s basically casting a massive
shadow on your path and you can see
anything right in front of you where
it’s well it’s probably most important
another thing is that with the headlamp
on your head walking or running the the
angle is such that you can’t really see
the shadows which basically prevents you
from seeing the obstacles whether bit
well beat a bump a little hollow or
whatever a rock or a root sticking out
you’re not going to see it as well as
you know holding it a little lower
holding the flashlight a little lower at
your hip level or something like this so
I really wanted to be able to use this
flashlight but what actually
disappointed me a little in this
flashlight was when I compared the
runtimes so yeah it’s okay when you look
at the very lowest one it’s not point
three lumens it’s going to last 14 days
but the next one up is 1.6 lumens and
they say it’s only going to last for 21
hours so at first I thought 20 11 hours
is quite a lot of time but then you know
for practical reasons at one point six
is not that much ideally it’d be at
least five lumens I’ve noticed that on
my last trip or other trips as well that
when it’s completely dark I need about
five lumens to do pretty much anything
so if 1.6 lumens lasts only well in this
case only two and 21 hours then I think
that I just thought wait a second we
have five lumens in my pestle and they
say it’s going to last for 100 hours and
then I checked other flashlights and
turns out that every single company
every single flashlight beads this one
by days so I just couldn’t believe this
one 21 hours 1.6 lumens so five lumens
it’s going to last work probably 15
hours if that much so actually I’ve
never done this before but I decided to
test it myself and see how long this is
actually going to last because as I say
I really wanted to take this I really
wanted to like this flashlight but if
it’s only going to last 15 or maybe even
less than 15 hours and you know if I
have to hike at night I’m going to have
to have quite a lot of spare batteries
with me which is going to weigh a lot
and I just didn’t like that so I
actually left it on noted the hour and
just monitored wanted to see how long it
actually lasts so you know because this
is actually quite funny you can’t say
where five lumens is so I just compared
it I basically just clicked it and held
it until it kind of cranked up about
four notches brighter so I could compare
it to other flashlights which basically
stated five lumens on them and at the
same time I could see that this is
around the light intensity that I need
in complete darkness to do pretty much
everything so the four notches up was
just what I needed so I assume this is
somewhere around five maybe 10 lumens at
least five maybe
even more than that and I left this on
that setting and waited so first 15
hours went by and I’m like okay this is
looking pretty promising then 21 hours
went by and the flash light was still on
then I just went to bed woke up and the
flash light was still on this was about
like 36 hours then in when past 48 hours
and he was still running I was really
surprised and it finally died around 55
hours after 55 hours of running non-stop
running so for me this is good news
because I absolutely love this
flashlight that now I actually like it
even more because I know I can trust it
I can take it out with me for like 10
days and even if I have to hike five
hours at night every day I can still get
by with just one battery and I only I
didn’t even use one of those lithium but
I lithium batteries you know that lasts
forever I just used some old you know
alkaline battery that was about to
expire and still held up pretty damn
nice like I said this is pretty good
news for me but it’s pretty bad news for
through night because I daughter testing
was completely messed up or they messed
up their advertising and someone made a
really costly typo because if i didn’t i
actually got this flashlight for free
from through night to review it and i
kept it because i liked it but if i was
to buy this flashlight and if i had the
look at the specifications and i read
about those 21 hours I probably I’m
pretty sure I wouldn’t buy this flash
like myself if I had to pay for it
myself so um it looks to me as if there
is I don’t know maybe they meant two
hundred and ten hours you know that one
this one point six lumens
maybe there is there’s one missing maybe
it’s 121 hours I don’t know either they
made a costly typo or there’s something
seriously wrong with their testing
either way I can understand that
different batteries have different life
span you know there may be differences
may be like ranging in minutes maybe
even hours I wouldn’t be surprised if
there was a difference between one
battery and another about in about like
two or five hours but this is wrong by
days I mean literally days even assuming
that I only had five lumens on that’s
still like three times as many as one
point three or three and a half times as
many as one point six lumens and it
still lasted what almost three times as
long as advertised I just wanted to say
something about it because I think this
flashlight deserves some attention and
it should be advertised a little better
certainly through night should care a
little more about being more accurate
with those ratings I can understand that
they may want to lower the ratings a
little so that so that not to maybe
inflate the expected expectations too
much in people but this is way way
exaggerated if that’s the case I mean
it’s way underestimated what this
flashlight can do so like I said
probably a mistake either a title I know
this can happen because it happened
something similar happened with a
charade I actually asked them about some
steel type and turns out they they just
printed something that didn’t make sense
and they admitted that so in this case
it’s a pretty costly error because like
I said a little a lot of people you know
reading about this either on Amazon or
on a thought until nine website they’re
going to be disappointed seeing
something like this because you know
today pretty much every single
flashlight I know of this size
either by one AAA battery like this one
or something very similar is going to
beat it by days well at least in theory
because as it turns out it’s not that
far from others it’s actually pretty
close to competition anyway thanks a lot
for watching this is what I wanted to
say just a little update and get this
straight so that people don’t think this
is a crappy flashlight I’m not selling
this I’m not saying this to make money
or anything I just like it and I was
really surprised by the results of my
own little experiment so once again
thanks a lot for watching guys please
click like share and subscribe to my
website sands discoveries that come have
fun and see you next time

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  1. Simon do you prefer the cool white or neutral white LED types offered for this headlamp? If you were only sent one for testing, which one did the company provide?