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Alright guys, what we are going to attempt
to do today is, we are going to see about
getting a bird’s nest going with a Fresnel
lens. Now I thought this was a pretty cool,
a pretty cool way to do a fresnel lens fire.
I saw this on youtube and I don’t remember
unfortunately who it was that showed me this.
But in the ones that I have started in the
past, the problem with them is usually that
holding the lens still and all of that kind
of stuff is difficult. So if you use a stick
like this to hold it in the ground then you
can actually move your tinder bundle and leave
the lens in place. So I thought that was kinda
cool. ok, so we have got a tinder bundle laying
down here. Just a really small bird’s nest.
Just to see if we can get this going. How
quick it will go and all of that kind of stuff.
Alright so what I am going to do here is I
am just going to basically take this stick
that I sharpened off the end and I have the
lens in it and I am going to kind of focus
the beam right down there, roughly where I
can see that it is going to start. And then
I will be able to move this, and then as you
can see it will start to smoke. And I will
just kind of let that build a little bit.
There is no need to be in a rush or anything
like that. Because I am going to want that
coal to get pretty big. I apologize about
the filming, this was not a planned video.
So I just have my cell phone today. So I am
just kind of moving that tinder bundle around
creating a hot spot. And what I did in the
center there is I really kind of pulverized
the grass, so there is a lot of small little
stuff down in the coal area. Personally I
don’t really like Fresnel lenses a whole it.
There we go, it lit and burst into flames.
So that is pretty cool. So as you can see
a Fresnel lens does work and they can work
pretty efficiently. Now, one thing I want
to show you is that I have a perfectly clear
day, no clouds in the sky and it is just the
ideal conditions for doing this. The problem
with that is that generally when you need
to have a fire to save your life, you don’t
have these kinds of conditions. It is usually
rainy and snowy and cold with clouds in the
sky and all of that kind of stuff. So I don’t
personally think that a fresnel lens is a
great fire starting method to rely on in emergency
situations. Now if you want to use it for
practicing bushcraft skills, for showing your
kids how it works, for just to know how to
do it. I mean I carry a fresnel lens, this
one, in my wallet just because it doesn’t
take up any space and i can. But it is just
not really something that you should rely
on in an emergency. It is good to know and
if you were ever in a long term wilderness
survival situation, then yea it is kind of
cool because you don’t take up any resources,
because a fresnel lens will work for ever
as long as you keep the lens from getting
too scratched up. But counting on it as a
reliable source of emergency fire starting
is really not a good idea. In my opinion.
So anyway guys that is pretty much it. I just
wanted to show you real quick demo on starting
a fire with a fresnel lens. And to let you
know that I don’t really think that it is
a great thing to rely on, but it is kind of
a cool survival skill to have. Alright guys,
well as always I definitely appreciate the
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preparedness. Thanks again guys. See you soon!

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Tactical Flashlight Rechargeable Where Can We Purchase

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  1. not for me, I would just hold it in my hand not waste time carving out something – you could have the fire going by then!

  2. Well nice video not quite the right conclusion… you may be unaware that a carbon 1" patch and zero moving it around would have made all the difference. Nice trick with the green sapling.

    I hope you re-shoot this and replace this video once you understand how to take it up a notch.

  3. the stick was a good idea a lens is a good 4th or 5th ignition source in a kit because of size and weight is nothing

  4. Always good to have 3 ways to start a fire, fresnel lens would be my 4th of 5th way . Great vid BTW Cheers

  5. Guys if you use card board get the amber and take your cardboard then move your card board around and the when you have a hole about an inch or two you will get a flame works for me every time