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how to make wicks for oil lamps lanterns mason jar oil lamps cheap cotton wicks from a mop head emergency oil lamp diy
hi it’s alaskagranny are you looking for
an unlimited supply of oil lamp wicks make cotton wicks for DIY homemade shtf simple oil lamps
well it’s very simple cheap to make oil lamp wick you just need an
all cotton mop the mop thread strings can each
be used as a wick with your oil lamp mason jars DIY oil lamps make yourself and
some lamp oil you’ll have unlimited supply of wicks for oil lamps lanterns
for as long as possible each string of the
mop pad can be a wick for a simple oil lamp place a canning
jar lid on a protected surface and with
a big nail poke a hole from the
underside through to the topside cut off
one of the mop strings and stick it back
up through the hole you punched in your jar lid if the wick
seems too loose just press down on the
little nub until it’s holding the wick
securely fill your mason jar oil lamp with oil and
trim the wick you made yourself
you can see that even in the wind the wick of the oil lamp is
staying lit it is a little bit smoky so
you may want to be very cautious about
using something like this inside your
home in a power outage emergency
situation SHTF have all the oil lamp wicks
you could ever need from a mop head
make cheap oil lamps
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Tactical Flashlight Rechargeable Where To Buy Online

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  1. Most excellent idea. Never thought to use cotton mop. Maybe my homemade used oil lamps will work now.
    Genius you are, granny you are not.

  2. LOL was shopping for flat wicks for my railroad style oil lanterns abd your video popped up and I figured what the hell let's watch.. BRILLIANT.. also in a pinch you can use paper towels that have been rolled or twisted like rope in your style lamp.. THUMBS UP FOR THIS ONE..

  3. How C😎😎L is this!!! Just came across ur channel as I’d bought some hemp ones that are too skinny and they’re pearfeft for making candles but won’t work on this dainty lamp I bought that’s smaller and I soaked the wick and turned it upside down ! U sure don’t L👀K like a Granny lol but what a great idea to do this channel from ur kitchen. Gonna check out ur other vids !