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Popular in the knife culture these days is
the squiggly. Used to be just knives, but
now a lot of pocket dump pieces are full of
fancy random colors and lines- signifying
wealth and taste for people living above their
means, in curated collections of things you
pretend to use more than you do. Purple by
itself doesn’t cut it any more. A real fancy
knife usually pulls from at least one of the
main squiggly groups, Damascus, Timascus,
marbled carbon fiber, Moku-ti Damasteel, there’s
others I’m sure- so learn them all to sound
like an expert in materials. And if one of
those squigglies is purple or pink, you’ll
have at least a few artisan paracorded wrists
lining up to buy it. Like this knife here
from internet purveyor formally known as MassDrop-
which dropped the mass- and now they’re
just drop. Get it? The Orca from knife designer
Eric Ochs. Manufactured by Reate in China,
and pimped by the Drop. But before we go any
further let’s generate some blue lines and
examine the dimensions. Like the overall length
and weight. I thought about making this part
just a title card. Blade size and cutting
edge. Leaving it on for a few seconds. You
could pause it. Handle Size and grip area.
But I’m worried people are used to the pageantry
of the whole thing. Spine thickness and handle
thickness. Also maybe I like new viewers asking
what the deal is with the blue lines, as if
there’s something deeper to understand.
Tallnesses and flipper. I wish I had more
time to squiggly the lines, that would have
been real nice.
So the Massdrop Orca is a real nice looking
knife that comes in a few color ways. Last
year Massdrop asked me in exchange for featuring
this knife on my Instagram they’d give me
a choice of a knife and a color. So I chose
the purplest squigglies- because the proper
thing to do is order the filet when someone
treats you to Sizzler. Do they have filet
at sizzler? Make sure you share your favorite
sizzler story in the comments below. But I
think the posts may have been a little too
on the nose for The Drop, and I haven’t
heard from them since.
So goes it with this channel, also the takeaway
here is that it took me a year to do the review.
They never asked for a review, but I had some
things that needed to be said. I’m only
a little sad I never heard back.
I bared my analytics for them! Ehh, not my
problem. Anyway so the Orca features a whale
hunting friendly harpoon shaped blade in a
flat grind. The blade is made from RWL34 steel.
Damasteel makes the steel, although it’s
not one of their squigli-fied varieties. It’s
the only knife I’ve ever owned in the steel,
and I’ll link Pete’s test on the steel
at the end of this video- because I never
used the knife enough to have to sharpen it.
The steel is similar in it’s composition
to CPM-154 though. If you’re not subscribed
to Pete and your subscribed to me you’re
an asshole. Let’s be honest. Blade was sharp
and cut reasonably well, not amazingly slicey,
more of an general purpose than a chef’s
Deployment. Often standard in the squiggly
knives you get a ball bearing system, for
quick fidget friendly deployment. This is
a flipper so you hit the tab and pop. The
tab isn’t sharp but I’ve felt definitely
felt more comfortable tab geometries. If this
nit picking is annoying it should be. I feel
like I’m missing an oversized wrist watch.
Anyone else feel this? The detent is strongish
and it gives it a good pop when you hit the
tab. You don’t have to be a supplement social
media bro to get it to open by flinging it
downward. Most knives don’t pass this test
anyway. It’s smooth and consistent, and
I’ll be honest needed a little bit of lube
to enjoy it more. Gave it a harder pop. The
thing that kinda sucks though is lock disengagement
of the liner lock. It normally pinches your
finger. Not enough for a big owie or nothing,
but more like a slight little pinch to your
finger that gets irritating with a little
bit of fidgeting. Most knives don’t do this,
but this one does. It doesn’t hurt, but
I could see someone really blowing it out
of proportion in the comment section at mass
drop. The handle is a decent sized but average
to larger hands will need to use the aft section
of the grip, post bump to avoid crowded fingers.
All around the handle you have a combination
of squiggles and purple. Like the Moku-ti
pivot collar, and the purpled out titanium
liners, and the marbled and partially stipled
carbon fiber handle scales. For a $350 dollar
knife though there need to be a little more
attention to tumbling and chamfering. Be like
Hawk Knives Reate. The jerks who buy these
notice these things! Nothing too harsh, but
not as mellow of a hand fondling experience
as I’d like per the amount of squiggles.
Clip is nice and sculpted, and slides into
the pocket smoothly and about 6/10ths of an
inch sticks out of the pocket while carrying.
That’s fine you want people to notice your
fanciness. They probably won’t, but that’s
not their problem. You’re the one who opted
for the extra $150 worth of purple squiggles
over the standard model. The problem with
fancy knives with fine finishing is that that
fanciness dulls once you start using it and
bumping into things and scratching the clip.
That’s why you should never carry or use
your knives. Clip is very nice though, right
amount of springiness and looks swirly as
Comparisons. Mostly in purple. First the Orca.
There’s nothing terrible about this knife.
I think it’s good looking, and well made.
Very good looking. I just happen to think
there are a few negatives about the overall
knife that warrant consideration if you’re
gonna drop the kind of money. The pinchy part
between the scales and the lock, and a little
more consideration to knocking down some harsh
edges and tab geometry. So let me show you
some knives I kept and why I got rid of this
one. The Para Military 2. See it comes in
purple and their are all sorts of fancy scales
and steels you can get this in for $120-$200.
The thing great about this knife are it’s
very comfortable handle, an attention to harsh
edges, and it’s extremely fidgetable knife.
Since most use in modern knives is the non
cutting variety now adays. As in- how much
fun are you gonna have with it before you
post a catch and release. Now the Benchmade
940-1. No purple, but light opulent carbon
fiber. Extremely fidgetable. About $250 bucks
if you’re going with this version of the
940. It’s a great classic pocket knife and
hard to beat. This one is a keeper for me.
Now the We knife made mass drop Keen. This
knife is very purple, and well made. I really
like this knife and I paid about $140 for
it. Probably never getting rid of this one
either. I have reviewed all of these other
knives so check out the full videos for the
Ok so let’s wrap this up quickly. Now you
might think this knife is over priced… and
not worth it, and that’s fair- but the knife
has extremely rich materials. Like if you
can find a knife with mo-tuki accents, titanium
liners, and Carbon fiber scales for much less
than this you’re a liar. I wanted to buy
a Moku ti clip for my Urabn Survival Gear
pen, but it was $80. For reference. This knife
is priced pretty fairly when considering it’s
However a $350 knife needs to have it’s
fit and finish and the locking mechanism design
flaws fully worked out for it to be worth
the materials it’s made from. On the other
hand if the design really really spoke to
me, maybe I’d overlook it’s flaws. That
said sometimes materials are more fancy window
dressing than real durable structural design
choices. I guess titanium weighs less than
steel liners, and carbon fiber is a light
weight choice for the scales. The pragmatist
in my says a $350 production knife is overpriced-
especially when made at a large manufacturer
like Reate. Spyderco says Hey Girl, you looking
at my $550 production Paysan over here. I’m
a perfect knife I promise! Then Shiro whispers
something sexy in your ear. You can’t quite
make it out, is it Russian or Chinese? Whatever
they’re offering it’s gonna cost you $700.
If you’re buying something solely for reliability,
and doing work you can get by for a lot less.
No one needs Mo-kuti, unless they’re trying
to grow their subscribers. Prybars with lanyards
work too. Anyway say Hi to the patrons, they’re
saying Hi back. If you’d like this channel
follow me on Instagram and here. Like, comment,
subscribe. Buy a tshirt or sticker or mug
if you want. Thanks for watching.

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  1. I am so sick of the squiggly knife craze knives are a tool as they should be used not to show off like some woman in a dress. I did fall for a one time and bought a spydercco drunken. 410.00 bucks of squiggly non functional crap. Still have it though, never carry it though.

  2. Grandparents visit from out of town. Entire family goes to Sizzler for all you can eat shrimp. Entire family gets food poisoning.

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  4. Blow through a straw to clear water out of the pivot and tight spots. Or live up to your squiggly moku ti big boy pants and use a can of keyboard air. 👍