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  1. There are not 2 saws… The other is a serrated knife. You can buy the Gerber Suspension for 25-30 bucks, which has the same exact tools and design. I have both, plus a Leatherman Supertool 300 (which is really heavy and bulky compared to the Gerbers). I have the suspension as my EDC.

  2. Just wondering how well the scissors work? Reason I ask is because on my victorinox well they suck. I cant even cut a single sheet of paper. Not sure whats going on there but I need a multitool for work out in the field and if im gonna spend enough every tool has to work. Anyway thanks for the video.

  3. The blades might need to be sharpened, but in most cases the scissors on multi-tools will always be useless because they are just so tiny and weak. but the ones on this one actually look pretty nice and strong, you just have to watch out for the really skinny ones on multi tools. those are the ones that suck

  4. aww crap…seriously? so basically on most tools they wouldnt be much better than victorinox scissors? If thats the case…i might as well just find some sort of foldable scissors to carry around. Just I always find myself needing scissors. Ive also looked into the leatherman wingman for this purpose. But oh well I guess ill just have to test em when i get them. But is it possibly a scissor sharpness issue? Like could I sharpen the blades and then they would be better or just outright suck?

  5. yeah. I don't know what the victorinox scissors look like, but if they are what I'm used to seeing on multi tools then they will suck. but the ones on this multi tool do look more sturdy, so if you're willing to fork up 30 bucks (cheap on Amazon) for this knife you can try and see if they work. but what are you needing scissors for that you can't use a knife for?

  6. here, look on Amazon for:

    SOG Specialty Knives & Tools CC51-CP CrossCut Multi-Tool, Satin

    and a really nice one will come up. instead of pliers, the main tool is scissors. and its only 12 bucks, so you could try that out and see what its like.

  7. Yeah that one was actually my first choice. But I do need some pliers. Only downside is my cheapo pliers work amazing but dont wanna carry 2 muti tools since it adds pocket bulk. Plus for working on computers I definitely need pliers although I guess so far only thing I can see is getting the sog cross cut but for pc and camping get like one with a saw in it and pliers.

  8. Just got my taxes, going to buy this multitool. I'm sure I will get all kinds of knife ads on facebook/google for typing this in the comments

  9. If you buy this your falling for their marketing scam. I bought the Gerber suspension multi tool yesterday. It is exactly the same tool just doesn't have bear grylls name on it. 20 bucks cheaper.