6 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Retailers How Do I Buy At 22:07

  1. Great vid! I like to regrind my field points from 100gr to about 60-65 grain to cut down on the extra weight added by the threaded rod and inserts. Afterwards my arrows fly about the same. I use a jig made for sharpening drill bits on a bench grinder

  2. That'll save a lot of money doing it yourself. To buy them all ready made is very expensive. Thanks on the how to video!

  3. awesome, thanks!! I would like to see how u cut it with the dremel…did you build a cutting jig or what?

  4. Hello and i have been wondering how i was going to make some take down arrows, since i cant afford ready made ones.This is wonderful and thanks so much for sharing. I just got the primal gear compact folding survival bow for christmas, tho love to have some compact arrows to put in my pack as well. Now i can thanks so much. I'll check out more of your vids. Happy new year.

  5. Thanks, the ones on wilderness outhouse (Dave Dingleberry's store) cost $20.00 each! You saved me a bundle! Awesome!

  6. Will this work for Aluminum shafts ? Can I use hot glue gun for gluing in the inserts ?