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  1. Hi, Chris, your absolutly right on the BK-9, defenetly a Hall of Famer, although I got the O.K.C. GEN2 SP-51 instead of the 50, and I find it much better than a Full Flat Grind, but I do have to say the Ranger RD-9 because of the much thinner edge does a decent job, I shaped the handle to fit my hand and still use it paired off with the Ranger Afghan to this day, both have the hi-vis orange G-10 handles and both have choils, right up my alley, I'm also finding out that steel that has tighter grain like the 1095 CroVan and the 52100 Ballbearing Steel make great chopper's and very durable, the tempering also plays a big roll too, I have a few knives, and I compared some to each other and the geometry are very similar, so my conclusion is the steel, even though I have Busse Combats my Go to SURVIVAL KNIFE is the Rodent 9, there's no question in my mind that if I only had one knife that's my Big Boy I would love to have to survive with, for many reasons too long to mention, I feel a Survival Knife should be a knife that is a on person carry and allows you to have multi functions and solely depending on just one knife, I got that idea from the Leuku and how it's used by the Saame Indigenous People and how they use a larger Leuku for just about EVERYTHING, and yes my Rodent 9 also can function in that roll, the steel, the chopping ability, the geometry can be used as a multi function and as far as I'm concerned is my ideal knife, I pair it off with my Ratmandu and when I use that combo it's usually in a Wilderness Situation and a extended trip, and my Rodent 9 is my belt carry with the Ratmandu molle attached to my backpack, and perhaps my BK-14 with slab's as my neck knife, I'm always impressed with you and what you bring to the table of our bushcraft community, Thank You Chris, geez I hope you don't think that I just criticize and that mine is bigger and better, no I don't mean to do that, but like you said it takes a long time of researching what's best for you, and your absolutly right, just from winding back and remembering what I started off with and where I'm at today, progress changes, keep up the great work and I enjoy your videos and alot of your video's are in my favorite, keep up the great work our community needs guys like you, Thanx man.

  2. I have the bk9,but the sp10 marine raider bowie is much a better chopper for thicker wood. If you give it a more shallow edge.but the bk9 is a better allround knife.but for bigger wood,nothing slices better than the sp10.

  3. Recently my Dad told me to follow him to the back yard…apparently we were out of charcoal and needed to process some fire wood 'old world style' (which I loved!) to get the smoker going. I was using a cheap machete to split the wood, which worked great until the plastic handle disintegrated in my hand. The only other chopping tool was a hammer sized hatchet that didn't do diddly. Small tomahawks and small hatchets are worthless for splitting. If weight isn't a concern an axe is my best tool(still need to pony up for a good one.) and for lighter weight I'm now shopping for a large knife or thick machete. So many options!