Tactical Flashlight Retailers Where To Buy Near Me

hmm I’ll just walk but what definitely
guys guys mystery I’m gonna cart just
went by would like it’s horns on going
crazy you know what do I got Bob you’re
from Germany and we’re back with a brand
new video and it is currently 12 a.m.
it’s early in the morning but that’s
because of god I am preparing for a 3
a.m. video that’s right does a 3m videos
before guys and they’re really freaky
Papa Jake doesn’t like 3 a.m. video
we’re going to go outside oh whoa no
Logan and we’re going to try and survive
the area around my house is very very
spooky my house literally backs off onto
a cemetery and the Worcester situs have
stories that will like literally
children phone I think it’s time to gear
up and get ready for 3 a.m. so for the 3
am box board oh we’re going to need the
survival gear pack now I’m going to be
out there for 3 hours so I can only
exactly need a ton of stuff but what I
really need are some of the essential
granny flashlights definitely a must we
are going to need our night-vision
camera so you can see in the dark make
sure no one comes ask but it is going to
be very dark out there guys headlamps
are a month this is a fire starter we
need that we’re going to have a fire
resistant I don’t want to be cold open
forgetting one thing guys I haven’t
eaten yet and that’s where this comes in
oh we have a tactical MRE certified by
the Department of Defense so you guys
know this is legit cheese and tortellini
and tomato sauce alright good that
sounds good I have all of our gears here
now because we’re not doing this in the
woods because that just does way too
freaky a lot of you guys were saying
that we should do this challenge at 3
a.m. in the contrapunto house guys want
me to do that how we want to say that
even well how do you want to go that if
we can’t 50,000 likes on this video we
will do a 3 a.m. box for eating the
woods but definitely bringing Logan
along for that I mean maybe I’ll change
my mind
we’re going to be out there thinking
about that prescribed keep thinking
about outside right now freaks me out
but anyway I’m geared up I got my gloves
I got my head back we’ve got our
flashlights you get our MRE and our
firestarters last but not least before
we go out there we are going to be
bringing one set of tape that’s right
that’s all we got one set of tape we
don’t have a lot of time so we got to
start building seeing it now a little
bit of play from the pool let’s get out
the area forgive you building the box
for it probably don’t want to build it
back here check this out guys
leftover tape from our last video this
looks like it is the perfect spot to
start building so now we need some boxes
Oh God
the other thing I don’t like this isn’t
good a weird story about this little Hut
behind my house here when I was younger
probably like 5 years old or so
apparently my dad came out here one
night and you walk back to the hut
inside he found someone sleeping but the
weird thing is the story goes when he
went to go kind of confront the guy the
guy looked up at him and his eyes were
completely black after that he ran
inside to call the police before he
could come back out see the guy again he
just kind of vanished it’s kind of known
as the creepy guy shed for me but it is
also our way to Baltimore or hardboard
at least and not a lot of time before 3
a.m. so we got start building it also
picks black and all I have is a
flashlight in this but I want to get the
box for built and I get a fire made
the box was almost done I have the
outside which is pretty much prepared
the inside looking good we need to do a
roof it’s not the best books what I’ve
ever made I mean it’s definitely not the
prettiest but considering that we had to
make this that almost 1 a.m. now I think
it’ll do good so I want to get inside
I’m gonna get our fire started
I’m also just feeling really creeped out
guys like I’m getting that feeling that
I got when we were down at the haunted
tunnel tonch is feeling it this year we
have in the Box mark the door blows so
what can this window well no I feel one
sleeve another in the box board I’m
feeling good I’m feeling better I’m not
as freaked out that kind of scary
feelings got away so maybe it was just
nerves I don’t know you’ll feel I mean
that was just like animal or something
free campus is really freaking me out
right now so then just like really
theory about being back here at night
know if it’s the fact that it was so
close to cemetery or kind of the village
this person in a tree and was exactly
where we’re building oh my god I guess I
can’t really tell them this GoPro but I
think I’m seeing eyes but you don’t know
I’m gonna get inside on the continue
with what we’re doing and then I’ll get
the night-vision camera alright guys
this is my makeshift 3 a.m. fireplace
now we’re going to put some off kindling
in it and get started so that’s what he
should be doing and as I was coming back
– bass going around this one comes right
around I’ve never seen back here time to
make our fire oh there we go there we go
there we go
ok risen oh yeah let’s put the Box in
here check out a fire that’s looking
good dude I just feel safer with a fire
even though ok
– the fire burning us down I’m so stay
for the clock so we have vanilla pudding
dessert powder that sounds good mmm
that’s awesome
boom peanut butter this is the
electrolyte beverage powder we got
everything in this this is the drink
mixer heater cardboard holder
these are crackers this is like your
salt and pepper and everything like that
oh here it is this is the main entree
this is the cheese tortellini so yummy
so before we get to dinner I thought we
could start off with some crackers which
are like a thousand years old that’s ok
I’m already forgetting about Devils
carrier am enjoying tonight Packers
don’t know how old is peanut butter is
but it will ask you like 15 years or
something like that
my little bride will go ahead a little
dry bones and I’m about all it is now
past 3m it’s currently 3:12 the light
just went out little simple backyard
light went out I don’t know if this one
out earlier that is really creepy in the
back be really freaking me out
there’s literally bats outside and all
the lights in the back you’re actually
I’m starting to get kind of freaked out
I’m getting really freaked out couple
minutes ago I was thinking you know
gotta swim battle three am in a box port
you know where else would you rather be
but this is this is Jen kind of freaky I
don’t like the fact that can’t see us I
got so I’m going to I’m going to grab
our night-vision camera I’m going to set
the night-vision camera and we’re going
to go looking outside
duplicant and on top of all of that
looks like a fire went out I can’t
really see much but if you guys can see
anything on the camera here the
night-vision camera let me know okay so
I’m going to come back over to the shed
yo what the heck is that what the hell
is that is it was little something right
there guys guys just really freaking me
look can you I’m getting out of here I’m
getting out of here guys this is
freaking me out way too much we worry
out here we gotta get a discharge it’s
just way too weird dude as of right now
I’m like really freaked out I’m beyond
freaked out I don’t know what I saw in
the shed I’m hearing weird noises I
think what I’m going to do is I’m going
to go for a little walk there’s a park
behind my house and that’s where I keep
hearing like this banging noise and I
feel like if I if I figure out what’s
over there if I can figure out what’s
making the sound I’ll feel a little bit
better I want to get back to the box for
pretty soon
hey buddy hmm
Jazzercise just walked by whoever
thought the black hat or not there’s not
a collar on it I don’t know she was
friendly but only walking over that I’ll
just rope here and I don’t know if you
guys remember from our video down in the
woods but I saw similar rope last time I
saw her up like this fear we were deep
in the woods and I know there were a lot
of stories of kids playing down there
and of course there were sightings of
black-eyed children in the woods I don’t
know if this is something maybe they
play with but this is the part I’m
walking in the bending was about earlier
what that’s it
guys guys this is three I’m going to
cart just went by with like its horns on
going crazy dude I’m feeling really
freaked out right now I’m feeling like
beyond freaked out this is weird maybe
we should just go back to the box for it
yo those moving before your water if
those are moving before do what the heck
if those were moving before those who
not moving before those were not moving
before guys yo you still hear the sound
of the car I can still hear the sound of
car I don’t know what’s going on in all
of a sudden all of a sudden this one
started moving dude this we started
movie this is freaking me out guys this
is really freaking me out and it’s not
this abandoned truck here
all right guys so I’m checking out the
bed of the truck I’m not really seeing
too much around here time to talk
there’s something inside the truck guys
what the hell is that dude we’re going I
don’t care we’re going back in the box
again over there is the cemetery which
is kind of eerie I was thinking about
going over and looking but honestly guys
just wait to preview right now maybe
with you guys well I’m going to go over
the cemetery you can let me know we can
maybe do a video there

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Tactical Flashlight Retailers Where To Buy Near Me

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