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introducing Auto xscape by in-gear an
innovative multifunction auto emergency
tool that integrates a high-powered LED
flashlight and to life-saving escape
tools constructed with military-grade
aerospace aluminum Auto xscape is fully
waterproof and impact resistant press
the button once for high beam again for
low beam and a third time to enable SOS
mode on high Auto xscape puts out 135
lumens covering up to four hundred
ninety-two feet no matter what mode
you’re in simply hold down the button
and the beam will immediately shut off
Auto escape comes with a car mount for
easy access in an emergency peel off the
3m tape that comes in the box press and
hold to the desired location applying
pressure for approximately one minute
once the mount is attached auto escape
is ready to go auto escape has two
built-in escape tools to quickly get you
out of an emergency to cut the seatbelt
make sure the belt is pulled tight open
the cap to reveal the blade position the
blade inside the belt and slice away
from the body to break a window use the
exterior steel ball on top of the cap or
the sharper tungsten steel punch beneath
the cap pulled auto escape tightly in
your fist and make a stabbing motion
towards a corner of a side or rear
window not at the center
Auto escape gives you peace of mind
knowing you’re prepared when emergency
strikes auto escape by in gear always
they’re always prepared this is the
shrade SC acts for tomahawk a versatile
instrument useful in a range of
applications including rescue survival
tactical and everyday outdoor adventures
the SC axe for tomahawk delivers
chopping cutting and penetration power
in a lightweight package the SC axe for
Zach’s head is cast from rugged 3 CR 13
stainless steel and is powder coated for
increased durability chop cut and slice
with a sharp 3.3 inch edge use a high
grip on the handle shaft for controlled
cutting slide your hand lower down the
shaft for increased power for maximum
penetration bring the hardened pointed
spike into play low density polyethylene
is molded around the axe heads tang
creating a nearly indestructible handle
over three feet a 550 spec paracord is
wrapped around the lower end of the
handle establishing a positive gripping
surface well suited for aggressively
delivering rigorous chopping and
penetration blows or even greater safety
tether the SC axe for to your wrist with
the paracord protect the time of hawks
blade by storing it in the black nylon
belt sheath the sheaths twin top snaps
keep the hawk secure while providing
quick and easy access a three inch belt
loop let’s the SC axe for hang
comfortably at your side or lash to gear
ready for the moment you needed a
lightweight tomahawk weighing in at a
mere 1 and 3/4 pounds crafted from
premium materials and built for a
this is the Schrade scx Ford this is the
bear grylls tender box it has a greater
like steel cutting surface for making
tinder and a tray underneath to catch
the shavings after shaving wood into the
tray push the button for easy removal of
the tinder next empty the dry tinder
contents onto the collected items you’ll
be burning never start a fire in the
collection tray if your matches are wet
or your fire starter is not handy use
the tinderboxes magnifying glass to
ignite the tinder
when finished place the plastic cover
over the cutting surface for safe
storage an emergency signaling mirror is
located on the underside and the bear
grylls priorities of survival pocket
guide is also included an innovative
lightweight life saver this is the Bear
Grylls tinder box I’d like to introduce
the Spartan the spark tool is a shovel
and axe machete a saw hammer
pick a pry bar and a bottle of their
sport always less than three pounds and
is constructed from spring tempered 1075
carbon steel and shatterproof sitesell
polymer it’s solid build has no hinge or
other moving parts making it lighter and
more durable than the competition
it’s sharpened edge cuts deep with every
swing handle and cutting surfaces are
aligned to ensure a safe and effective
the blade splits wood apart saw rips
through just about anything and of
course it digs like Jam the spar tool is
perfectly balanced making the reverse
end just as useful it hammers
it unhand
the spike excels a demolition the pry
bar is tough and versatile and it opens
up your favorite beverage after all that
work spar tool is a great addition to
your gear kit whether you’re on the road
in the wild at home in the garden or in
case of emergency
if you are a seasoned outdoorsman then
you already know that choosing the right
equipment is essential when putting your
pack together you will understand the
grueling demands of the wilderness and
most of all you will have a respectful
appreciation for nature and know that
sometimes your equipment can be the
difference between life and death when
the lead engineer of survival archery
systems started developing the SAS
tactical survivor he was already aware
of the need for equipment that was
properly engineered having survived a
near-death experience in which his
knowledge of the outdoors together with
some well chosen critical equipment and
literally saved his life he set about
developing a product for food
acquisition it would possibly one day do
the same for someone else having spent a
lifetime growing up in the woods and
having spent 15 years as an automotive
and petrochemical engineer he set about
developing a set of requirements which
encapsulate the eight critical aspects
of a survival bow that you should look
for in a premium product these critical
aspects led to a design which was
launched after two years of development
and testing and now the SAS tactical
survival bow is sold technically the
morning people all over the world to
understand the need for premium
equipment package Berlin it is critical
to a compact design and to overcome the
need to strap your bow to the outside of
your pack it absolutely must be 21
inches or under when in transport mode
the SAS tactical survival boat comes in
at that all critical length of 21 inches
the even fits into most one-day packs in
order to get a bow that does not stack
and is still efficient you need to have
the right limb to rise a ratio as well
as the right
overall in designing a 60-inch long bow
with a carefully chosen limb to rise a
gave the SAS tactical survival boat this
perfect balance and a bow that does not
stack all the way past 31 inch draw for
long-term survival purposes it is
crucial that all working parts of a bow
are fully corrosion resistant and so
survival archery systems chose marine
grade materials throughout the only part
of the bow that has
fully corrosion-resistant are the
all-important eye tents are still limb
retaining bolts which were chosen to
give an extremely high factor of safety
in the field and only require a light
layer of animal fat or oil to remain in
perfect condition durability is key for
a survival boat and so during the
development the engineers employed what
is called design for infinite life which
basically means that the theoretical
design is capable of withstanding 500
million shots at 31 in strong going a
step further some hefty safety factors
were added to ensure a superlight bow
that will last more than a lifetime in a
composite limb with a through-hole is
prone to cracking around that hole
unless it is properly secured using a
correctly talked bolt and washer system
the SAS tactical survival bow makes use
of a positive limb retention system to
ensure the limbs remain safe and secure
in the field having a compact bow is
important but having a solution to store
your arrows is critical to your choice
of a well rounded product the patented
SAS tactical survival bow is the only
bow in the market that allows for a
storage solution of arrows inside the
riser and this comes at no additional
cost to space to reduce pack weight and
ease of use and maintenance-free and
truly ambidextrous bow that requires no
changing of parts are the last two
critical aspects of a great survival by
the SAS detective is evolved o is the
only truly ambidextrous survival bow on
the market and requires no tools to
maintain it or convert it from left to
right hand simply place an error
Istanbul sides of the riser and swap it
between hands if you are looking for a
premium survival bow that captures these
eight critical elements then look no
further than the SAS tactical survivable

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