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hey guys this is alex. gonna be doing something
a bit different again today and showing you
guys my survival kit. as some of you might
know if you’ve watched my other videos, i
made a new years resolution this year to get
out into the wilderness more and um so im
going to be doing some serious hiking and
adventuring this year. mostly gonna be doing
some like small weekend trips in ontario but
i’m also planning two bigger trips uh the
first one is going to be uh ten days of hiking
and kayaking in mexico and then i’ll also…
i donno if some of you might remember that
i won a travel voucher for being on a reality
tv show. so i’m also going to be spending
five days backpacking in the rockies uh hopefully
in late august so anyway. so i figured that
i should put together like a more comprehensive
um wilderness kit to bring with me on hikes.
so i wanna show you guys what i’ve put together,
just cuz i’m a nerd like that and i’ve spent
a few months putting this together and uh
it would be really cool if you guys could
look it over and you know maybe somebody else
who has experience with this could give me
some feedback on this kit. i just put it in
this bag, which i found from the thrift store.
um now it’s pretty big, and it’s pretty heavy
um but i feel really good about this pack.
i feel like uh there’s some things i can improve
on but this is a really good start and i feel
really a lot safer having this with me when
going out into the wilderness so uh yeah.
i just picked this bag up from the thrift
store and i like it even though it’s not the
lightest bag because it has this um shoulder
strap in it that i can use if i need. this
is just all the survival stuff and i’m also
going to be carrying um a pretty comprehensive
um first aid kit. so lets get into this. um
the first thing you might notice is this knife
in the back of my pack. it’s just… it’s
actually a hunting knife but i liked this
to use for a camping knife, it’s just a buck
knife. i like buying stuff that has lifetime
warranties, i like companies that stand behind
their products like that. so that’s my knife.
a lot of this stuff is gonna be used regularly,
not just necessarily in a survival situation.
um like for example in the front pocket here,
this is something i’ll probably be using for
sure but i’m just keeping it in here. so this
is just my mini sewing kit for any minor repairs
that i might need to do. keep it in the front
there. in the side pocket here, i have um
kind of a five in one tool, which is kind
of cheap and gimmicky so i might replace it
but um you know i’m just starting out and
there’s a lot to get so uh and this seems
to work decently well, i’ve checked it against
my cell phone compass, which is accurate.
yeah this is um, it’s a compass, a whistle,
it also has a waterproof case for matches
and it also has a fire starter on it, which
i’m not like really relying on at all at this
point. so there’s that. inside here, first
thing i have is a whole bunch of paracord.
i have a little fleece cap in case i get stuck
out and you know, it helps me stay warm. there’s
that. i have, actually there’s two emergency
blankets in here. this is by SOL, survive
outdoors longer. SOL. I put two in there because
it fit and also cuz, you know you could use
one for like a ground cloth or a shelter and
then one for an actual blanket. um i didn’t
go with the bivvy because it was so bulky.
i also have a multi tool. okay here’s a pack
of stuff. i’m just trying to keep stuff organized
in little smaller packages. so i’ve got some
aquatabs for cleaning water, along with the
instructions. i’ve got a couple of coffee
filters for pre-filtering water. i’ve got
um some duct tape, which i rolled onto a cardboard
piece here, um which could also be used as
tinder. i have uh i think this is like five
to ten cotton balls uh that are soaked in
vaseline, which is a firestarter. then i have
umm these, which i won’t bother taking out,
which are little like compact towelettes,
um for… multiple uses for that, could also
be used as tinder. i have some fishing line,
also rolled onto a piece of cardboard and
i’ll show you… that goes onto my fishing
kit which you’ll see in a minute. i have a
bunch of elastic bands of various thicknesses
and sizes. i have this collection of stuff,
which like this um can can be used to boil
water or cook food in. this right here is
my emergency fishing kit. so it has um a variety
of hooks in it, some sinkers and little eyelets
so i can make a fishing rod out of a stick.
i have a firestarter here, which also has
another whistle in it so there’s that. i have
um some purell, keep clean and it’s also flammable.
a spare flashlight, and i’m gonna add some
more batteries for that as well. superglue.
a lighter. so i have three different ways
to start fire, i have the matches, the lighter
and the firestarter. i have this uh signal
grid signaling mirror. in the bottom here
i have just a handkerchief, which also has
multiple uses like filtering water, pre-filtering
water. i have um some snare wire. which is
actually just floral wire, i liked the green
colour because it’s more camoflage, so that’s
for making traps and stuff like that. and
the final thing is that i have these two bags
for carrying water. i have two of them, one
is labelled with a D for dirty and a C for
clean. so i can gather water with one and
then store the clean water in the other one.
um i’ll put the link to where i got this stuff
in the description, it has like a… a base
to it, so it actually stands. it opens like
that and it stands on its own, it has a mark
on it for using these tabs um where to fill
it to. um so yeah i like those. so that’s
it for my kit. if you have any questions,
let me know… oh i should mention that one
other thing that i definitely want to add
is a like a backcountry knife sharpener. um
so that’s the thing i’m missing along with
the batteries, spare batteries for the flashlight.
so thats it, uh let me know if you think i
could make any improvements or i should add
anything or take anything out. i’ll probably
be doing some more videos like this about
like what i’m packing for my trips and stuff.
i really like watching those kinds of videos
on youtube, so why not? alright um see you
guys later.

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10 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Retention Discount Coupon Buy Online At 6:01

  1. Those trips sound awesome! A couple of thoughts – you could wrap the duct tape around whatever you are using for a water bottle (as long as its not a water bladder). That way, you save space in your pack. Also, what are you using for water purification? I really like aquamira, because it is super fast (takes around 30 minutes). If you don't have one already, I would suggest getting a headlamp (Petzl and Black Diamond make great ones) so that you have a way to cook, read, etc in the dark. It frees up both hands and is way better than holding a flashlight.

  2. Pepper spray could also come in handy if you needed to escape from a wild animal like a bear, cougar, wolf, etc… I would keep it easily accessible. This is not to scare but to make sure that you are prepared, it is kind of like a first aid kit… Better to have brought and not have to use than to be caught without. Do you have a plan for the Rockies yet?

  3. Yeah I forgot that pepper spray is illegal here, bear spray is good though. I was just curious where in the Rockies you planned on going cuz they are almost in my back yard, I have lived by the Rockies my whole life. I hope that you have a great time!

  4. The only thing I can think of is, learn what to do in case you encounter wild animas (even things like deer and moose). Also take lots of pictures and enjoy yourself! The mountains are awesome and the scenery is amazing, you will enjoy yourself. (It is not my thing to be in nature so I am not sure of anything else, some of my family does though and I could get info for you if you think you need)

  5. This is so cool! I want to make one but wish I lived somewhere where such badass kits were actually necessary. Survival in the British wilderness generally means a wooly hat and access to sweet, milky tea.

  6. looks good man! I am big into hiking as well. I go to Canadian Tire for most of my hiking/ survival needs.There stuff is usually already individually packaged and small and size. I would recommend bear spray, and maybe a flare or something. Also reading up on the wildlife you might encounter sounds like a good idea. Water proof the bag though, and put some extra socks in there nothing worse then wet feet!

  7. Whew, I bet that kit has changed a bit in two years! A very fine place to start though… you're the type of friend one needs on a camping trip!

    I wanted to share with you a small thing I do that helps a lot. I will take an old belt (the cloth kind, not plastic or leather. the leather ones mold and the faux leather never lasts) and I will use it as extra compression strap on my backpack while also stringing my knife and multi-tool on it through their sheaths. I often need tools before I do anything in my pack, so the east access helps a lot.