13 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Retention How To Purchase At 9:11

  1. A light that can be recharged in the vehicle is a must for people in colder climates. Winter runs batters down quick.

  2. I started out with the same old flashlights like you showed. It's amazing how they get smaller and brighter.

  3. looks like your spidey senses are tingling, I never seen you with your head on a swivel so much, shady area? If your wife wants to carry that flash lite, let her, I would feel safer knowing my wife and daughters had that in their car!

  4. My biggest fear with my get home kit is having my SUV broken into and everything stolen. I live in an area that doesn't have a high crime rate, but there are a LOT of people. Lots of people means someone is always looking at what you got, or at least trying to. I would love to have a light like the TN32 in my kit, but considering the cost of one of those I am worried about theft. Even with a car alarm, breaking the glass, grabbing my bag and going means a good sized loss. Adding the good light means its just that much more.

    Does this mean I don't keep my kit in the car…no. It just means I worry about the cost of replacement for anything I do put into it. I think its a concern that some people in a more rural area don't think about as much as those of us who are more urban.

  5. My favorite flashlight is the Nebo slyde 6156. Has 250 lumens led flashlightt and 190 lumens worklight that is concealed until you slide the handle. Strong magnet on the end that will allow you to attach to metal. Well made and only $24.99 on Amazon. Has all 5 star reviews. Everyone should at least do themselves a favor and read the product description and reviews before making a hugh investment on another light. This light is unbeatable for value and performance. You can also purchase a holster for it for $5.99.

  6. Great video, tanx! I keep my old 3Dcell Mag Light, tucked in next to the armrest of my Lazy-Boy chair. I know where it is when I need it! I'm keeping one of my dive lights, handy, in the vehicle console. With a headlamp, or two, there with it. Can you recharge, those batteries, in your vehicle? Keep a smile on!