10 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Retention Where Does One Buy At 23:41

  1. Hi Brian! Nah its not superman its not a rabbit its stealth stinky in your backyard heheheh have a nice day

  2. I really like my Streamlight stylus pro, it's only got 2 modes on and off, but it's still good to go and not getting replaced. But eventually it'll give up the ghost. I dig the penlight layout So maybe when the Streamlight quits I'll get one of these.

  3. Just bought this light off Amazon, then I found this video couldn't be more confident on my purchase! I got it for $25.95 free 2 day shipping on Amazon

  4. Brian you looked just a little upset about those scratches, I carry the Thrunite Archer 2C v2 I saw the preparedmind101 review and had to buy it and its been a great light, I don't leave home without it.

  5. Very nice review. New subscriber here.. ThruNite makes nice lights.. own quite a few. Now gotta get this one. Enjoy your videos. Thanks.

  6. I wish Thrunite would let customers engrave there flashlights with a name or company slogan etc.
    I find with EDC flashlights sometimes it falls out of my pocket I wish I could have my name on it so anyone finds it they know its mine and return it to me.

  7. I use Streamlight pen lights. The larger pen is better as it still fits in a pocket. The small ones with clip are too easy to lose. wish they would attach a key ring to these things for keys or lanyard. The back control is the way to go, twist type head is a nuisance when you are in a hurry.

  8. I heard about this from a friend. I'm definitely going to purchase this, such a great value. Thanks for the great review Brian! God Bless!