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so a lot of the reviews as I do I’ve
done this handy bride I’ve done other
lights and then other things that are to
be used in case of an emergency today
I’m gonna be looking at the Sun Life
emergency solar radio it’s a crank radio
it runs on batteries and also has a
solar power so I haven’t actually opened
it yet so we will see what it looks like
in just a minute this is Jeff with Jeff
reviews for you and my channel is
dedicated to reviewing a seen on tv
products consumer gadgets other
household items once in a while I throw
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just like this one now
let’s unbox this emergency radio and see
how it works
wanna start off by saying that this
product was sent to me in the mail I did
not purchase it the distributor had to
contact me via email and I get lots of
context just like other reviewers out
there get lots of contacts and the vast
majority of them I said no in fact this
is the first one I’ve said yes to and I
don’t know that’s because I had one of
these when I was little I was kind of
excited maybe the nostalgia factor but
when this one got sent to me I was
really excited to check it out now even
though I didn’t pay for it I left the
distributor know my stipulation for
doing a review is I’m gonna be honest if
I like it I’m gonna say it if I don’t
I’m gonna say that too so just so you
know this is an honest review I’m not
being compensated other than that they
sent me this I looked it up on Amazon
these sell for around $30 so I’ll get to
the price point later but I wanted you
know now I’ll put a link down in the
description if you want one of these so
let’s open this up alright so first
thing I noticed is I have the radio it’s
a little smaller than I thought maybe
because the one I had when I was younger
was was bigger let me set this
down because a charger cord or some sort
of cord came out to looks like an older
USB microUSB for an Android there is
some directions in here and I’m going to
actually take some time to review these
later off-camera and then I’ll get back
to you so let’s just take a look around
this it feels almost like a rubber feel
on this gray part like it could be
something for to grip it it doesn’t feel
cheap ok so I want you to know that off
the bat these little dials here are some
sort of a chrome look that kind of looks
a little cheap but the base itself looks
pretty decent I’m really excited to
check out the solar panel because that’s
one of the things I want to be looking
into it also does have to crank where
you can wind it up and charge the cells
itself also I did read up a little bit
before I started unboxing it and it does
take triple-a batteries that you can
power this if either the solar doesn’t
work or the crank I think it does have
an antenna that you can stand up and
open it has tuning and has an on/off and
volume what I thought was really cool
about this one it actually has a weather
band and that’s probably something I
would use because you never know when
you might need that the intent behind
this is it’s got a flashlight it’s got
the radio there’s the solar there’s the
crank you can also run on batteries but
you could also charge your phone and
that’s what I think this is for now I’m
gonna have to use a different one
because I’ll either charge an iPhone or
I’ll charge a newer Android so let me
read through the directions and then
I’ll get back to you on that but this is
the first look of the Sun like emergency
solar radio I’m gonna be having this out
in the Sun all day a good 12 hour
exposure just to see what I can do first
and then we’ll check the crank and then
we’ll check the batteries ok so here I
have the Sun Life emergency radio
outside in the Sun the solar panels on
top I tore off the plastic there I’m
gonna leave it out here for a few hours
it’s just around 11 o’clock right now so
I’m gonna let this charge during the
high parts of the day now are the high
Sun parts of the day now I will say it
came partially charged so I’m going to
show you a few features real quick
on the front here I have a
light and there’s a button on the top
that I can click that light to turn it
on or off on this slide I’m gonna try to
operate this with one hand you can turn
this dial to focus the light so that’s
kind of cool on this side I have the
crank I showed you that earlier let me
show you the bottom right here so I have
a few different modes I have the
lithium-ion battery which is what’s
being charged now I have the triple-a
Bank which I don’t have anything in it
this right here if I click it down it
means I’m gonna be charging a phone now
they do say this is for emergency
charging only and not a regular power
bank and then I have an SOS now so
listen to this so if need be I can
utilize that um you see this red light
right here that red light is on because
it’s charging through the solar panel
right now that light will turn green
when it’s done they do recommend not
running this for more than 6 hours and
you should have the radio off if you are
emergency charging your phone I’m gonna
let this sit out here until it’s green
I’ll let you know how long that took
from the charge that came from the
factory until fully charged I don’t know
the rules and such about copyright but I
will let you listen to the weather band
if you pull this up I can hear some of
those things so I’ll turn this on real
quick it’s kind of cool that it doubt
that so I’ll turn that off real quick um
I’m gonna be listening to the radio
later I’ll let you know the quality but
because of copyright rules and such
others have to let you know how that
works but let’s let this charge and
we’ll come back and check it out so it’s
been about an hour and I’m still out
here charging can you see the light
that’s still on right there indicating
that it’s charging one thing I noticed
that was pretty neat that didn’t
recognize at first was this solar panel
is actually on a hinge so I can move it
so if the Sun moves I can direct it that
way I can do all those things and what
the company some life did is on the
other side they put another LED strip
for light so that’s kind of cool I
didn’t realize that at first but as I
was messing around with it doing the
charge here I didn’t know that so I’m
hoping in the next hour so this thing’s
charged and ready to go so I can listen
to the radio and check out those other
features so let’s talk about the radio
feature of this and more specifically
the speaker this definitely is not the
command of quality of speaker that
you’re gonna listen to just listen to
music all day long does it play the
radio yeah doesn’t play the weather
brand yeah and you heard the quality of
it earlier but this is definitely not
something gonna get a lot of bass from
there’s only one speaker so it’s
something that you should know that
although it’s got the feature of the
radio and the speaker it’s not something
that you’re gonna be jamming to it’s
really just for I don’t know you’re out
in the garage working on something over
radio you want to put this there or
you’re working on the car or you’re just
out in the garden that’s the kind of
thing that you would use it for just for
a little extra entertainment but
definitely not as something for your
personal entertainment I want you to
know that it’s it’s a good feature to
have it’s just not something I think
you’ll use as your main source of music
six hours of leaving this out in the Sun
charging this light never turned green
so now you know what I’m gonna try
plugging it in utilizing the USB port
that it came with mind you I had to get
my own plug to plug into the wall but
here we have it charging so I’ll let it
sit here until it turns green before I
do my test of charging the phone so the
green light came on which tells me this
is completely charged I should have said
earlier though this charger is only like
a foot and a half long so you got to be
really really close to it so I’m excited
because today I completely drained the
battery to my iPhone because I wanted to
test this just to see how far this thing
will actually get now I remember I’m on
lithium ion and i’m uncharged well I had
to be on charge anyway because that’s
the only way the phone would have
charged let’s see what happens here
plug it in oh look apple popped on let’s
see what that will look like
all right so you can see my battery
right here well it’s all the way off but
it’s gonna now start charging and we’ll
see how far I can get this to charge so
it charged for about an hour and a half
and it’s about three-quarters full of
battery maybe two thirds this is
completely dead so I had it outside
charging for about six hours in the Sun
then I had it plugged in for about three
hours and right now this is completely
dead I just try to hit that none of the
features work so that’s something you
should note if you’re gonna charge it
really should be just for emergency use
so I’ve been using the Sun length
emergency radio over the past four days
you remember earlier in the video I just
was not able to get it fully charged
from the Sun even though in the
directions it says it’ll be charging
when it’s red and when it’s fully
charged will be green I had out in the
hot Sun for about six hours for the
prime time of the day I ended up having
to bring it inside and I plugged it in
using this the court that they provided
which is not very long so if you have
any distance to go to a plug make sure
you’re up it up close it took a couple
more hours and then it was fully charged
once I hit green I immediately tested a
phone because I want to see how much it
charged and so this fully charged
battery bank took the phone to about
three-quarters of the way or 2/3 or just
around that area which was pretty
impressive right because it’s an
emergency use only it’s not meant to
fully charge your phone so I was really
impressed with that the whole intent
behind that was to drain the battery
I wanted to drain this battery because I
want to run it for you because it’s it’s
drained right now and so I want to run
it for you
to show you the kind of effort you put
into if you’re cranking it in the
directions they say if you crank this
for one minute you will get between five
and seven minutes of radio so I’m gonna
start cranking this just so you know the
kind of effort that you have to put
you’re down one minute may not seem very
long right but over time you start to
sort of feel like I’m feeling it in my
arm to get this one one minute done so I
have five to seven minutes of radio or I
think about equivalent time of the
flashlight which would probably be more
realistic of what you’d want to do now I
will say I really like having the solar
panel teacher too because if I’m using
this outside and I’m using the battery
during the day for the radio for the
weather band it’s also charging the unit
so that’s pretty cool now my arm is
starting I can feel that I’m doing this
right now it’s not that I hit the gym
every single day but I wanted you to see
the kind of effort you need to put into
okay so if I do this let’s see if the
flashlight works now oh it does that was
a lot of effort my arm I can feel like
I’ve been spitting this thing around now
earlier in the video I showed you the
SOS thing here but what I didn’t show
you is in addition to the audible alarm
there’s also a red light so let’s look
at that now
it’s pretty cool it’s loud obnoxious and
it’s sort of blinding so in the occasion
of emergency someone needs to find you
you want to get someone away those are
all good things I also didn’t talk about
this carabiner they show you clicking it
like here so you can hold it like that
but I also thought you could click it on
click the keys on here if you’re hiking
or whatnot or click it to your bag these
that’s a good use for this device as I
was working through this product and
testing I was trying to think of all the
different uses right so you have your
emergency use a few years ago here where
I lived there was something that came
through called a derecho now that’s just
a big a big windstorm right power was
out for weeks now some people have
generators some people don’t have
generators and so those without had no
power there was no lights no ed charger
phone no communication no radio I could
definitely see this being something
that’s useful in something like that you
can charge up your phone leave it out in
the Sun during the day it’ll charge your
phone at night you have a flashlight you
have that light so I can see the
functionality and the use originally I
mentioned the price point of $29.99 and
everything in that price point for me I
always think is too much why I’m an ass
seen on TV reviewer our price point is
$19.99 so I started researching simple
research on Amazon
well I found them as low as $19.99 and
they went all the way up to $49.99 so I
should be honest and say the ones for
$19.99 didn’t have all the features that
this one have but this one does have
some of the features and most of the
features as the $49.99 was also one had
like the LED screens and such that this
one didn’t have but I think you know
what after looking it is a fair price
point and it’s something that thirty
bucks and the time of need is nothing
now I mentioned the LED screen I can’t
understand what there’s what they’re
doing here with this dial screen or the
old dial method here is you don’t want
to use any extra power right so instead
of backlighting this or having an LCD or
LED screen you’re saving the power by
doing manual now I didn’t show you this
when I was outside
but when the radio is on I’ll put the
antenna up just so we can get a signal
in here if I’m going through the dials
here trying to tell my radio station OOP
you can see how the tuning light turns
green right that way you know if you’re
in focus I’m just saying get one in
focus there we go and see how it’s in
focus then you know that it’s green and
so your radio will play so that’s pretty
cool um at least in that feature so you
know it was funny I was testing the
stuff to see how long I could get the
battery to go and I listen to the radio
for about eight hours today and it
stayed on a full charge I was really
really impressed but I had to leave it
inside and play because every time I
went outside the solar panel picked up
and started charging up so like oh man I
gotta take it back inside so it stopped
charging so that’s kind of cool that it
automatically picks up and charges for
you I will say a little thing that I
would have liked to had on this is some
sort of an indicator of the battery life
so on some inexpensive LED lights you
might push a little button in like four
blue lights light up for fall or 3/4 3/4
um saying I wish this had something cuz
you never really know what kind of
battery you have I was able to use this
and I charged I talked earlier the
iPhone I also tried it on the Samsung
and I tried it on the iPad and all three
of them charged so I’m really impressed
with that so Indian emergency you’ve got
that now you remember bit ago when I
wellness up for a little while I’m
trying to get to the one minute mark in
order to get this full right so twelve
hours of use for music you have to wind
it consistently for two hours and 40
minutes I mean that’s a long time of
consistent whining to get this full um
so that’s something you should you know
realize understand you want to get your
most charging from the Sun if you can
plug it in that’s great too I see a lot
of great uses I see people going hiking
strapped into their backpack it’s
already got the built-in carabiner
hooking on there that way when you’re
if you run short on something or you
need the whether you want to listen to
the radio or siren tribute that’s a
perfect thing van life this would be
great to throw in there you don’t have
to worry about any extra batteries even
though it has the triple-a battery
compartment Preppers if you’re waiting
you know stuck doing a stockpile just in
the case of emergency I see a lot of
good uses for this so this was Jeff with
Jeff reviews for you I hope you like my
review video as always thanks for
stopping by have a great day

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  1. I was going to purchase something very similar for the hurricane here in Miami. Thanks for reviewing the product for us Jeff. I may need to have one of these in the closet just in case the power goes out. Have a great day.

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