5 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Reviews 2017 Shot Show Buy At Discount Price At 20:48

  1. Neat light. Have you tried the Olight i5t eos? The price of the Eagletac is a bit high I think for a aa light that only puts out 200 lumens. The i5t eos just has low and high but has a two way clip, better output, and better run times. I think the i5t eos might work better for you.

  2. Sadly, I bought this and have been carrying for a month. I very much dislike the programming. I find myself getting frustrated with cycling through the modes. Great construction etc but a little complex for me (admittedly it might just be me)

  3. man, give us epileptics a strobe warning lol.
    As soon as i see strobe i tend to back right away from a light, the only exception is something like a Thrunite, as you can learn to just avoid that, as it requires a specific pattern to get to… but they at least only include 1.