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US economy better or worse
hi it’s AlaskaGranny are you concerned
with the future of our nation and have you
asked yourself in the last several years
is this world better or worse have you
thought about the crime in our country
is it better or is it worth what about
the economic situation do you feel like
it’s better or worse than you were five
ten fifteen years ago what about health
insurance do you really feel like the
reform of health insurance has helped
you to be in a better place is job
security something that you feel that
you have and that you’re in a better
position than you were what about a
government do you think that our
government is working on our behalf to
make our world a better place these are
questions that you need to contemplate
in your own personal life and if you
believe that the world is in a worse
place and it’s perhaps heading in a
worse place you need to be sure that
you’re doing what you can to provide for
yourself and your family do you have
food stored up do you have water and know
how to purify it when your fresh water
runs out you have first aid and medical
supplies do you have a plan for protection
do you know how to use the things that
you have if you think that the world is
better maybe that doesn’t concern you
but if you’re like most of us and you
believe that we’re worse off than we
it is more important every day that
you provide the things that you need
should the world become a more dangerous
place should things be harder to get
should violence or corruption come to
your community there are a lot of
reasons besides just a hurricane or
flood a tornado or a snowstorm that we
need to be prepared so think about what
the future means to you and your family
and do what you can to make sure that
you smooth the way so that no matter
what comes you will be alright
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Tactical Flashlight Reviews 2017 Shot Show How To Purchase

3 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Reviews 2017 Shot Show How To Purchase At 12:44

  1. Where I am in NY I feel like as bad as things can be are much better than they were 10 years ago. I'm still concerned about how things are playing out and I take steps to ne prepared. You are probably the furthest North American point from where I am. I think your perspective on things are really interesting.

  2. not to be contrary but Im in upstate NY and I am very worried about the future(more for my children and grandchildren)Im 61y.o. and not confident in our elected at all.I am retired and financially ok—-but it just seems like common sense is not being used anymore.So yes I am worried and prepping(we had a flood here a few years ago with water 6ft. deep on main st.) I learned a lesson seeing the National Guard all over here( thank God for them).Hope we are going to be fine but its like having insurance just in case its not fine. Good topic thanks for your wisdom.

  3. Our officials are making it worse. Everything is worse. I prepare everyday and have for the last 5 years as a "prepper", homesteader before that.
    I worry for my kids and grand kids. That is why I taught my kids the old ways and now teaching my grand children.

    I don't agree with Welfare. There are people that need it just to get back on their feet. That's what it was intended for. But since it isn't working out with career welfare people killing the system. Maybe there should be donations for churches to help people in need. That is what we did when I was a kid before this welfare system was installed. People helping people.