15 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Reviews 2017 Where To Purchase At 17:44

  1. Awesome review, as always!
    How does the solo 21 compare to the Direct Action Ghost or Dragon Egg?
    What do you think of those two bags?

  2. Estimated Gideon
    I took time following your channel , which is fantastic , which has inspired me to create my channel in Spain with Spanish language , and I would be thrilled to be supporting my channel with your suscription.
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    Thanks again, and sorry my bad english.

  3. Awesome video! I saw that Outland Equipment sneak peek in your pack. Can't wait for that review!

  4. That pack weighs 48 oz. I have a Six moons design Fusion 65 that will carry 55 lbs. and only weighs 39 oz. keep looking, check out the ultra light backpackers packs lots under that weight that will carry more.

  5. How does this pack compare to the HPG Umlindi? Does the load carrying capabilities on this pack as good? Thanks for your opinion, I'm in the market for 1 of these packs just don't know which to go with…

  6. Great review, you really make me want to get out thereyour videos are seamless and a treat to watch, good job

  7. Great video, nice pack.
    One critique, you should show the pack as it comes, not with extra pouches attached. It is distracting.
    With that said, it is interesting to see your twist and extras attached however you should do that at the end of the video to show your customization.
    Love the channel!

  8. Thank you for the review. Thorough and informative. Could you please compare the Umlindi pack to the Solo 21? They look very similar except for the opening.

  9. great review. love the scenery.

    my daypack is the fox outdoor medium transport pack. it cost me $45usd and has 1800 cu.in. of storage. it may not have pouches on either side to hold water bottles, but i use ammo dump pouches and they work fine.

  10. I am just getting into this kind of lifestyle, hiking and daypacking. Eventually I'd like to do weekend stints with my friends. I bought a pack without really doing research and I do like it but I wonder how it stands up to this. The pack I bought was the Maxpedition Zafar. I bought it because of the MOLLE and pouches on the sides of the pack. I also love the company having owned three other bags from them.