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Hey Guys, today I present you after a long time a multitool.
The Leatherman SIGNAL for outdoors.
It is relatively new and will definitely bring fresh wind to the market.
Let’s take a closer look at the tool now and see you later again in the conclusion. Have Fun!
The signal is a multi-tool that has been developed specifically for outdoor and adventure enthusiasts.
Even with the black and yellow color scheme, the multitool stands out from the other models
and fits well into the partially colorful world of adventurers.
With the Signal Colors the multitool is a real eyecatcher
and it can also find again more quickly, should it slip out of your hand.
But not only the design of the signal stands out from other models.
Also with the various tools the multitool has been suited to the needs for outdoor activities.
More on that later.
Outside you’ll find the Leatherman logo and the cutouts in the frame make the multitool more sportier.
On the other side you will find a removable belt clip for attaching to the trousers or backpack.
Among them the coordinates 45 degrees north and 122 degrees West are engraved.
This could be referred to the first Geo cache by Dave Ulmer.
Anyway, it’s a nice detail.
In the lower part there is next to a carabiner for fast install and a bottle opener.
As with the model MUT there is a hammer here.
He is well suited for the tent or tarp setup.
In addition there is a 3/16 and 1/4 box wrench and bit driver.
Now we come to the combo knife that can be opened with one hand.
It consists of 420HC stainless steel is about 7cm long and has a strength of 3mm.
The blade is very sharp and comes with a Flat and serrated grinding.
This is indeed good for cutting through solid materials, but interferes a bit at finer works.
The blade is very solid and stable and locks very strong after opening.
After use, the lock can be released and the blade can be folded.
Opposite is the 420HC stainless steel saw
which is folded out using your fingernail over the small notch out of the frame.
Again, everything is locked properly.
The saw is also about 7cm long but has the usual Leatherman Saws strength
and is well suited for small branches or finer work.
Let us now go to the interior.
After opening the lock in the lower part also come out the pliers.
Above the needle-nosed pliers and among them the normal pliers.
For the cutting of wires or nails, there are also a replaceable 154CM hard-wire cutters.
Behind the pivot point there is still a crimp pliers.
But now one of the more specialized tools.
The fire steel, which is located at the frame at the saw.
This is held by a spring clip and can be easily taken out.
As a rough surface, I used the saw back and was able to make some good sparks.
For regular use, I would still take me a separate Firesteel or simply equal the lighter
because I would keep the integrated steel for emergencies.
Another feature is the signal whistle located at the Firesteelholder.
The Whistle is very loud and should not be missing in emergency situations .
Again, everything holds without wobbling.
Inside the frame on the blade side there are the normal tools such as the bit holder
here is a cross and slot bit in delivery.
Besides even the can opener with bottle opener and wire stripper.
With the awl you can make minor repairs on solid fabrics
or else to pierce things without cutting with the knife.
Each tool is locked properly and can be folded over the release.
Here we come to the last feature. The knife sharpener.
This is holded by the release button, and a holding knob.
With the sharpener you can resharpening the flat and serrated Combi-Knife.
If they should no longer be so sharp.
Finally lets take a look at the supplied Nylonholster and of course, the dimensions and weight.
The Nylonholster picks up the multitool and my Bitkit without problems
and at the sides can also be stowed in the rubber loops, for example, the larger fire steel or a EDC flashlight.
Behind the Velcro surface is also still room for a flat item.
On the back there is a large belt loop and two smaller loops to wear across.
However, these are a bit narrow for a normal belts.
The signal is closed 115mm long, 40mm wide and 15mm deep.
The total weight is 213g. We come to the conclusion.
I like the SIGNAL quite good, top workmanship and a very nice design.
Personally, I would find the blade without serrated even better.
But maybe you can buy these separately soon or selectable with the order.
You should not push the tool into the wrong area of application.
The name says it actually already.
SIGNAL to call attention to themselves in case of emergency.
And for a few Signal Fires the integrated fire steel is enough
the Signal-Whistle also works perfectly
and the knife for eviscerating fish you could hold relatively sharp.
That this multitool does not replace the tools from Bushcrafters or outdoor enthusiasts, that should be clear.
Otherwise, I think the price a bit too high currently here in Germany.
Thats It!
I hope you liked the Video and until next time. Take Care!

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Tactical Flashlight Reviews 2018 Buy Best Price For Sale

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