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today I wanted to jump in for our
warrior tip Wednesday where I go live
every single week with a new
self-defense tip or new way that you can
better protect your family
Who am I well my name is Meredith Rines
I’m an independent damsel pro with
damsel in defense we are a company built
for women our admission is simple it is
to equip women with self-defense tools
educate women on how to use those tools
and empower them so that they can better
protect their family if a need arises
today I don’t want to talk necessarily
about self-defense tools I want to talk
about roadside emergency kits this is a
kit that is desperately needed in every
single vehicle across the United States
you never know when something that is
gonna have it and when you walk out in
your car won’t start when you get a flat
tire when you need a screwdriver for
something you never know when something
is going to happen and you need to be
better prepared so we have a product
that is one of our best selling products
it is called the junk in the trunk
it is cute it is simple it comes in a
really cute little case like this that
you can easily throw into the back of
your car and know that if something
happens you are better protected and can
get yourself out of a situation and you
don’t necessarily have to wait on the
side of the road for help to arrive
especially when the roads are getting
slicker and though it’s getting darker
earlier and it’s just plain cold out so
I want to go through with you real fast
what all isn’t included in the junk in
the trunk
so that way you can get one for yourself
and get one for your friends get one for
your family if you have any children
that were that are now starting to drive
or go away to college this is a must
must must must my dad at years ago put
together something similar on his own it
had me carry it in my car and I carried
that sucker in my car until that plastic
tote literally disintegrated it fell
apart it shattered but now it comes in a
handy kit so that way it won’t fall
apart it will stay together and it will
stay is compact in your car to take up
less room so let’s get into it so when
you open up this front pocket here this
is where your first aid kit lives so you
have a first aid kit it’s got sanding
it’s got alcohol pads it’s got gauze
and it even has like a butterfly closure
band-aid for those deeper cuts so this
is something that as a mom I highly
suggest you have a first aid kit in your
car at all times you never know when
your kids can hurt themselves you never
know when your husband is gonna hurt
themselves and you need to be better
prepared by having at least a small
first-aid kit so I have this first-aid
kit in my junk of the trunk and I have
owned I’ve added a few extra band-aids
because I am a mom of a toddler every
time he gets a scraper cut or something
even if there’s not really a boo-boo
there he still wants a band-aid for it
so I have thrown in a few extra
band-aids in here because I go through
them so much so this is something that I
highly recommend that you have in your
car next up it does have a another
pocket right here on the front side and
when you open this up this is where all
of your other is included this is where
everything else is in here
so you do come it comes with two rain
ponchos rain ponchos are extremely
important if you’ve never changed a flat
tire in the rain then you don’t
understand how amazing everything poncho
is because trust me you’re gonna want
something you’re gonna want something
that protects you and just makes it a
little easier for you to work if it is
pouring down rain
what’s great is Earths comes in this
bright blue color so that way it makes
it easier for you to be seen if you are
on the side of the road but next up we
do have two emergency blankets again
this is the time of year where you need
to make sure that your family is
protected a few weeks ago I talked about
winter travel tips and how we always
include a blanket in our car to help
keep us warm but if you are gonna be
stranded for a longer period of time and
it is really cold it’s getting dark out
you need more than just your fuzzy ninja
turtle blanket to keep your kid warm you
need something a little bit heavier a
little bit more suited for the cold so
this is the emergency blanket it will
there’s two of them in here it is big
enough to cover up you and another
person so that way you can have you know
two or three people covered at all times
it comes with gloves so these gloves are
perfect if you are needing to change up
tie your tire attached jumper cables
check something under your hood you
should keep your hands protected because
the last thing you want to do is you
want to pick up something and get dirt
and grime on your hands and then have to
go hey deal and handle your your small
child or get them a sack or something
like that you want to make sure that you
are protecting them by protecting your
hands what’s great about these gloves is
they do have that rubber grip or on here
so that way if it is cold if it is rainy
if it’s wet outside you can at least
still grip to change that flat tire to
attach to those jumper cables or to do
something with your car that you can do
it a lot easier because your hands won’t
be cold it won’t be hard to grip you’ll
be better protected
it comes with an ice scraper it is a
smaller ice scraper but it’s really all
you need if you are in a sticky
situation and you know to get yourself
home from work or you or you know went
to the store and you now come out and
it’s been ice or sleeting and you got to
clean off your windshield to drive home
this is the perfect tool it even comes
with the soft grip on here so that way
you can better grip it when it is cold
outside it comes with an emergency
whistle if you have never needed an
emergency what’s all good but this is
great to have especially if you ever
slide off into a ditch and you’re trying
to get some attention you know that
they’re looking for you or out looking
and they can’t quite see you because it
is so dark out this is a great tool to
have to help get a you know attention
drawn your way so that you can be found
it also includes a hidden compartment
here so you can put some money maybe a
car key in here as well if you have to
go you know walk or anything like that
you can have your hands-free it does
have a compass on the top so that way if
you you know know how to get out of
directions and you know you need to head
north east you can easily do that and
finally it has the lanyard on it so that
way you can wear it around your neck and
not have to worry about holding it or
putting into a pocket pocket you can
easily have your hands on it it comes
with our waterproof safety matches so
this way if it is wet outside or it is
snowing outside you can still start a
fire you can still start something to
keep you and your family warm it comes
with a battery free LED
a flashlight which if you are like me
are most people who have flashlights in
their car you probably forget to check
the batteries to make sure that it is
still working this you don’t have to
worry about it is a handheld flashlight
all you have to do is use it and the
flashlight works so what is recommended
is you see it’s turned on I’m not doing
anything with it and it is turned on so
that way you can have battery power
without actually having batteries you
don’t have to worry about dead batteries
you don’t have to worry about checking
your flashlight every couple weeks to
make sure that is still working you
don’t have to worry that that one time
your toddler played with it he
accidentally left it on because that’s
happened to me so you could have a
flashlight to see better to change that
flat tire to check under the hood to
find something that’s got lost in the
car even because if you have kids then
you are very well aware when they can’t
find their favorite toy you don’t leave
until you find that favorite toy it
comes also with a set of quick tools so
you have here a Philips screwdriver and
it comes with a pair of pliers as well
so that is something else it comes in
this kit it also has a tire pressure
gauge in the kit as well if you don’t
normally are on a routine basis check
your tire pressure you really should do
that especially whenever the weather
changes from warm to cold or hot to cold
you really should check your tire
pressure on a routine basis because when
it’s hot out the air expands and your
tires will have more air in them or they
seem like they have more air in it and
then when it’s cold that air constricts
and it you might need to add a little
bit more air to your tires to reach the
ideal tire pressure level and if you’re
not sure white tire pressure you should
have in your car you can look that up in
the book that it comes with every car in
your glove box which most of us probably
have never really read or you can just
google it but you should make sure that
you are driving on a flat normal air
pressure levels within all four tires so
that you don’t accidentally put extra
extra wear on any of your tires but grab
this make sure that you are have that
tire pressure gauge in your
especially just for when it turns really
cold out that way you can make sure that
you if you’re going to drive long
distance you have the right tire
pressure in your car so that all goes in
this side of the kit and it has elastic
to keep it all organized and straight so
that it’s not all flying around and then
on the backside when you open this as
well it comes with jumper cables so you
have jumper cables in the back so that
way they’re not smashing or you know
give me anything else dirty but jumper
cables are a great thing to have now
even if it’s not for you personally your
car is working fine but if you come out
late at night and your co-workers car
isn’t starting now you can be the hero
you could help start their car you could
help send them on the way jumper cables
are great tools you have to have some in
your car I highly recommend always
carrying them not just in the winter
just always have a pair of jumper cables
in your trunk if you are not sure how to
use jumper cables because you want to
make sure that you hook them up
correctly so that way if you go to start
the car that won’t start it won’t
backfire it won’t hurt the other engine
and won’t tear up your car or anything
like that so make sure you have
instructions I don’t know how to use
jumper cables if you’ve never really
used those and you can keep those in
this bag with it as well and that’s it
this is everything that comes into this
kit it’s super handy to have you can
look at that you can grab it on our
website I hope you have a very great
week and I will see you next week with
another warrior tip Wednesday

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