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So i’m out here in the lower pyrenees
i’m doing a little bit of a shakedown
kind of, doing some last minute gear
testing and just kind of getting things
dialed in
but this is going to be useful for
anyone who’s into ultra light thru
backpacking. I wanted to share some of my
talk about some of the gear providers
that are making really good gear out of
and uh not least of all is this PryaOmm shelter
from lightweight equipment
that’s kind of the crescendo of the
video so i’ll leave that to last
let’s get into it!
so welcome or welcome back to the
channel my name is Chase this is all
about preparing your mind your body and
your gear for the mountains
so let’s start with the most important
stuff uh
the backpack. so pack
is from Lightway.Equipment they are a
small ultralight gear manufacturer out
ukraine and this is made from dcf
cuban fiber it’s extremely light less
than 500 grams each model is a little
bit different
as they are hand made this is
really something that has everything
that i wanted in a backpack i looked
long and hard to find
a manufacturer in europe that was doing
really good quality stuff and had all
the features that i wanted so quickly
the features that i wanted
were lots and lots of pockets i’m big on
pockets so
uh flexible shoulder pockets i’m gonna
be putting my phone in there
you know i can put my sunglasses in
there or whatever i really wanted
uh a little bit of padding both on the
shoulders and
the hips a sternum strap just something
that i really
need in a backpack i always feel far
more comfortable and far more kind of
safe and i can adjust the pack weight if
if it’s annoying my shoulders really
finely if i’ve got a sternum strap so i
really wanted that
it’s got a little whistle there as well
which is cool
on the hip belts it’s got uh two big
pockets also
and i really love having pockets at my
hips so that was something that i
really needed and of course it’s got a
hip hip belt
clasp as well i’ve made a little bit of
a modification here the pack
uh you know comes without
that section what i’ve done is modify
this a little bit
this paracord here i’ve swapped it from
the front of the pack to the back of the
and i’ve taken my back support from my
little osprey 22 liter backpack and i’ve
slid that in here so essentially now
i kind of have like a framed pack for
under 500 grams
i’m not going super ultra light i’m
probably going to be carrying about 10
kilos i’ve got lots of camera equipment
i’m going to be filming along the way
so it’s pretty important for me to have
a little bit of back support and be
comfortable for
you know the month or so that i’m going
to be spending out here
on the front of the backpack you know
you see there’s a lot of these gear
ultralight gear manufacturers now
stretchy pocket on the front so
you’ve got heaps of room you can throw
loads of different stuff in there
i’ve got you know my trowel
my toiletry stuff
in there so there’s lots of room at the
front there
typical kind of roll top closure with a
big buckle over the front
uh lots of kind of paracord all over it
and you know what these packs are like
they’re pretty simple
very light very basic stuff but what i
really wanted
for this was to be able to modify it i
wanted big pockets
and that’s what i got with this backpack
i’ll go into
more detail on a separate video about
this pack
later on once i’ve used it and once i’ve
got to know a little bit but for now
that’s it in terms of my water i’m just
a 1.5 liter plastic water bottle
i’ve got a Faircap filter really cool
little company
out of south america and they have a
really strong mission behind their brand
helping out people uh buying fresh water
to communities in need in south america
i was very happy to buy one of these and
support those guys
that screws just onto the top of the
water bottle just like it does with any
soya or any other kind of uh in bottled
water filter like that so
that is my water system okay
in terms of clothing there’s not much of
it i’m going
pretty light in terms of clothing this
is a cool max shirt this costs
10 euros cool max is an amazing fabric
it breathes really really well
it feels like cotton i don’t really like
the feel of polyester it makes me feel
gross sweaty and icky so this breeze
really well it dries very
quickly it’s super light it’s very
so i probably will take two of these
cool max shirts
i’ve got my uh super light
uh very short running shorts that i’m
going to be
wearing along the way i’ve got thermal
longs and thermal top
so this one is from smart wool
so that’s going to be acting basically
as my mid layer
i’ve got an icebreaker merino wool
cap which i’m going to sleep in or wear
if it does get super cold which it
probably won’t
and for that reason you know i’m doing
this in august september
it’s unlikely to be cold i am probably
going to be getting a lot of rain
september is typically really rainy
in the pyrenees so i made some crucial
decisions here about
my clothing i decided not to bring a
jacket that’s because i’m going to be
taking a
sleeping bag from As Tucas they’re are a company
here in the pyrenees that make
ultralight sleeping bags
i haven’t got it yet it should arrive in
a day or two that converts into a poncho
which is essentially a down jacket so i
can wear that when i’m cooking and stuff
so i’m either going to be wearing the
poncho sitting around at camp or
i’m going to be using my
150 weight merino wool
in combination with this jacket from
Cortazu rain protection was probably my
number one priority here so this is a
three layer
breathable waterproof jacket it is
designed as like a ski mountaineering
hiking jacket
it breathes incredibly well it has
excellent thermal properties it keeps me
very very warm but also prevents me from
sweating so
it has a breathable membrane similar to
gore-tex throughout
but i really find that it’s super
again it’s got lots of pockets i
actually got this for more for
it is a helmet compatible hood so
that is going to be my major you know
weather jacket whether it’s windy or
rainy i’m going to be probably wearing
a lot so i’ll have that with the
smart wall underneath and i think
that’ll be plenty of warmth
in terms of other clothing uh i’ve got
these socks from
Ventury [Silverlight] i’ve got two pairs of these so i’ve got a long pair
and then i’ve got a short pair these are
incredible socks i really recommend
you guys look into these they have a
lifetime warranty they’ve got
anti-microbial silverlight technology
they dry super quick they
breathe they are basically blister proof
so if you’ve got a good sock shoe
you really shouldn’t have any problems
with your feet i think it’s worth
investing a lot of money in socks i’ve
always said that i’ll continue to say
i think people overlook socks and how
important they are
you know if you’re walking for 500 miles
you really want to have your
foot care system down and part of that
for me is about having really really
good socks and these venturi socks are
ridiculously good they have a lifetime
warranty so even if they do wear out
which i’m sure they won’t they’re crazy
they will send you a new pair so pretty
awesome stuff
in terms of the shoes these are my old
trial runners i’m not going to be
wearing these i’ve got a brand new pair
of shoes
again they still haven’t arrived i’ll
probably do a separate video
all about those and the last piece of
clothing that i’ll talk about
is my hat this is just from decathlon
here uh 11 euros or something like that
very very light i like the light soft
the main reason why i wanted a hat like
this is because
it’s august september it’s going to be
very very sunny very very hot
so i really needed like good sun
that was a very important purchase i’ll
also take a cap
as well because sometimes i just like
wearing it
let’s talk food so i’m primarily going
to be doing cold soaking
but i do want the luxury of having a hot
meal every now and then
i’m very happy to carry the extra 300
grams or whatever
to bring a gas canister so i will be
bringing some gas
along the way my covia stove which i’ve
talked about in detail before
i’ve just taken the stability plate from
my jetboil and
i’m taking that along with me because i
pretty much always need it
in terms of my cooking vessel i have a
lick sata lit charter titanium 650 mil
pot with a lid so i can cook slash eat
out of that
i will bring an extra cold soaking
just like a peanut butter jar or
whatever to do my cold soaking in
and i’ll be cooking you know making
coffee and this thing
comes with a nice little soft
lightweight pouch so that’s essentially
my cook system
i have my food bags these are from new
dora these are silicon
leak proof like a ziploc kind of bag
reusable so in terms of my food this is
one thing i’ve spent a really
large amount of time on trying to plan
quality nutritious meals that are
a lot of the research that i did were
from people in the states
and they’re eating a lot of like very
typical american style food
so i’m going to be doing a whole
separate video about you know
nutrition on trail and what i’m using
this is definitely one of the meals i’m
going to be making
on the gr11 these bags are going to be
crucial for my
meal planning i got 12 or 15 of these
for like 10 euros on amazon
um totally worth it that’s an absolute
game changer
in terms of food definitely look into
other little bits and pieces that aren’t
particularly important um just a
head net i actually can’t see shit
uh repair kit my tent stakes i’ll talk
about my tent
in detail pretty shortly i’ve got my
valon classics sunglasses which i’ve
done a whole video on
i might take a different style we’ll see
i’ve got my cedar summit long handled
i’m not taking a fork i don’t really
need a fork
i’ve got a swiss army knife very
old school of me but this has everything
i need it’s got scissors
screwdriver if i need it can opener
obviously a knife
all sorts of stuff on there and it
doesn’t really weigh that much so
i’m going to bring that along with me
my lighting situation i’m going to be
bringing this phoenix
e16 tiny little handheld lamp
i don’t really want to bring a head
torch because i just don’t need one
it has a small battery i’m going to
bring a spare battery with me
i’m going to clip that onto my hat and
that is sufficient for a head torch
it’s very very light 21 grams there’s
even rechargeable batteries that you can
get with these
you can charge with a usb so i’m going
to be using
this little guy along the way i’m going
to be charging it using
the ravpower 21k
milliamp battery this is a gigantic
battery the reason why i’m taking this
is because i want to obviously charge my
the camera that i’m filming this on
needs to be charged
as well as my little torch there can be
charged by this battery so
i wanted plenty of battery on this trip
mainly because i’ve been doing a lot of
filming so
i think this will last me i’m not
bringing a solar panel
just because i find them annoying like
trying to face them in the sun while i’m
walking all the time i just wanted to
bring a really big battery and then i
recharge it when i get into town on my
resupplies i can charge it up
and that will last me for three or four
days i’m sure the camera i’m using
is brand new it’s the canon m50 really
lightweight perfect the hiking filming
camera really i’m just using the kit
lens the 1545
and then here i’ve got a couple of extra
sd cards because i want to be
not holding back with a filming i’m
going to be making a lot of videos from
this trip so i
want lots of storage all right we’re
getting to the business
end of things let’s start talking about
sleeping oh i’ve been kneeling here for
a while
oh god damn oh
uh like i said i’m going to be using my
quilt poncho thing i’ll do a whole
separate video about that
i can’t wait to try it out i’m also
a super luxury this is a pillow
it’s just from four class which is a
decathlon brand
this is super comfortable it was only
eight euros or something and i wore past
and grabbed it and it’s
just so soft so that is a severe luxury
that i’m bringing along with me
and will hopefully contribute to some
good night’s sleep along the way i think
sleep is super important
which is why i’m bringing a
full mat as well this one is from
camp camp is an italian brand they make
pretty amazing stuff
it’s full length it is incredibly light
315 grams
for me you know i looked at getting like
a torso length mattress
it was actually hard to find one i
looked at the
therm-a-rests the ones that fold up i
thought that would be super annoying it
takes up loads of space
this thing packs down really tiny i can
stuff it away
and provides a very comfortable night’s
i had my first night on it last night i
chose to use this rather than my
cedar summit one because the cedar
summit one is quite heavy and it takes
up a lot of space
so whilst that is a beautiful insulated
mat that i’ll be
using in the high mountains in winter
and on mountaineering trips
i wanted something that was a lot
lighter this
very affordable i think it was maybe 45
euros or something like that
like i said super light packs down
it’s a no-brainer i’ve also brought a
saliwa survival blanket just an
emergency blanket i think that’s
standard procedure they weigh next to
nothing you should always bring one
if not for you just for other people if
you find them in trouble you can wrap
them up in that that’s going to help
the only thing left is to talk about my
my shelter so let’s get into that so
your shelter
or your tent your tub is ultimately
going to be one of the most important
decisions that you’ll
make if you’re going through hiking so
when i started researching and looking
shelters i originally thought that the
best thing for me was to get a
tarp and a ground sheet after
plenty of research i decided that it was
just too hard to get a hold of a polycro
ground sheet i couldn’t find one here in
europe without paying
an extraordinary amount in postage for
a tiny little lightweight piece of
so i decided that i would go with an
and the other reason i decided to go
with an inner
was that the mosquitoes here in august
september in the pyrenees can be
pretty rough so i wanted to be able to
be comfortable not be harassed by bugs
so i decided to get an inner as well as
the outer
kind of tarp system so i looked around
for loads of companies that were based
here in europe so
again i didn’t have to pay loads of
postage this company
is lightweight equipment it’s the same
manufacturer as my backpack
based in ukraine the outer is completely
separate you can buy that separately
that is around 400 grams the inner
again is around 400 grams so you
essentially have
what could be a two-person tab that you
could use
individually and some nights i may use
it without the inner
if there isn’t too many bugs around so
aside from the bugs the main reason that
i decided to get an inner is was that
inner weighed around the same as the
ground sheet that i already have at home
so i could have basically
brought the ground sheet it would have
weighed the exact same amount as an
so in this case i get a mosquito inner i
got a tenth floor here
and that’s everything i need so that’s
the tarp
it’s around 400 grams super light and
that would probably do the job
and we’ve got the inner which is
probably around
300 grams so all up it’s like
740 grams something like that so pretty
so i’ve used this tent for the first
time last night i’m actually out here
with my girlfriend
and we slept in there together i
probably wouldn’t recommend this
uh for two people unless you wanted to
have sex with that person
i think you’ve got to be very
comfortable with the person that you’re
with if you’re in this tent with another
person it is primarily
a one person deal but at a pinch you can
squeeze two people in there if you’re
very close to that person
you will need either a tree branch above
or a trekking pole to support the uh the
itself that was the one thing about this
tent that i wasn’t sure about
i thought that would become quite
annoying but i think with one person
it’ll be absolutely fine it won’t be a
so you can sneak in through the door
here the tent as you can see
has two doors it is designed to be very
changeable much like a tarp like you can
lift up one side for airflow or you can
close it all
down cinch it down like you’re if you’re
in a storm for example
we had a little storm come through last
night but nothing too
serious got a little bit of rain and it
held up really well
you have to kind of know how to set this
thing up so
i will do a whole video on that that
will go into
a lot of detail once i’ve kind of really
dialed the system down
but it’s not like a pop-up easy to use
beginner person’s temp i will say that
this is really for lightweight hiking
long distance
cycling cycle touring anything where
weight is a
huge issue and protection is a huge
issue as well but
so far i love it like i said i’ll do a
in-depth video at the end of my trip
where i’ll go into
a lot more detail about what worked what
didn’t what i’ll change
but for now this has been my little
shakedown hike if you got some value out
of this
video please hit the like button it
helps me know what kind of content
you like and what i can make in the
future thanks for following along
i’ll see you on the summit

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