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  1. It turns out that removing the magazine safety is critical. The magazine safety is not only inconvenient, it also pushes the magazine slightly to the left causing the next bullet to engage the open lock in some Hi-point C9s.

  2. I'd be afraid to strip my C-9 down that far. I love my C-9. Five years and still strong/no issues. Great video JD!

  3. J. Dalton The O-Rings will melt when you shoot the Pistol. I would rethink that mod…… Just My thoughts

  4. Thanks J for all the great info on the hi points, I purchased my hi point cf380 after only doing a little research, this is my first hand gun and with the help of your videos I have had very few issues breaking in the gun, cleaning and maintaining and upgrading. I think these make for an excellent first gun they are easy to learn on and if you break it, oh well you're only out $100 add to that I lifetime warranty and it makes its totally worth going through breaking it in and putting all the finishing touches on it. Thanks again for all the great information!

  5. Great video Dalton. Glad you are back. I've messed with Hi Points for several years myself. I've had decent luck with them and their customer service. I have a question for you. I just bought a new C9. When I got it home I noticed the bore looks rough. At first I thought it was power and gunk from test firing. But after a good cleaning I realized it is the black powder coating peeling and flaking from being test fired. I've never seen this on any new or used one of any caliber. I called the factory about it. They said not to worry about it. Have you ever seen this before. What are your thoughts on it.

  6. I have the Hi Point C 9 , carry it on patrol open carry. Impressive weapon far as I am concerned. Worth far more than suggested retail. Bargain!!

  7. Thank you for your videos. Do you have a mod that will make the Hi Point C9 compatible with hollow point rounds? It looks like the tip of the round gets caught up on the slide lock lever.

  8. I thought you put a different slide on it. Before I play this video. That slide look hard on a high point. Is it possible to put that slide on a high point

  9. If you replace the follower in the magazine with one from a Taurus or maybe a Ruger and put it in a Hi-Point magazine I wonder if the problems with feeding will vanish ?