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Yo! Buks is here.
And here goes another review of a flashlight
This time it won’t be about Fenix
For once the manufacturer is ACEBEAM
It’s a Chinese manufacturer as well
on this one it’s not an EDC flashlights
but turbo tactical… blaster
…cuz’ it’s a blaster. That’s the only way to describe it
The flashlights uses a LED XLamp XHP35
And in TURBO mode brings out a beam up to 2500 lumens bright
The manufacturer claims that it have 1 km long distance beam
Let’s have a look at the package
It have a magnetic lock
which is wonderful. I even don’t want to throw it away
Inside of it there is a holster
Comfortable enough
Well suited for attaching to the belt
or to the backpack
Got a velcro on its backside
So you can pass the belt through
Or lock the holster over it
Very comfortable. The flashlight is not swinging
neither dropping out
Very nice holster. LOL =)
Next. Little package
inside of it there should be spare O-rings
And the knot
Yeah, the knot
Sword-knot is made of neilon. It’s stretchy
It can be fixed on hand with special buckle
Spare O-rings
And the spare cap for a tail button
Flashlight is rechargable
So your don’t need to charge the battery on special doc stations
You just need to plug in the USB-cable right to flashlight
It have a USB type-C port
So you could not only just charge the flashlight’s battery
But also use it as a power bank
You just need to plug in the cable into the flashlights port
Then you should plug your devices cable into the port on the end of cable
The capacity of this “power bank” is 5100 mAh
Because the flashligt uses Li-On battery 21700
There is also an adapter for 18650 battery
So you don’t need to buy spare 21700 batteries
You can just use the 18650 battery with adapter,
if the battery of flashlight runs down
And it will continue working
Different user manuals
in different languages
And the warranty card
Have a look…
The warranty card is made of plastic
not the shity paper
The card will last long
The flashlight have a 5-year limited warranty
And…. Let’s have a look on a flashlight
The flashlight is 18 cm log
Diametre of head is 7 cm
the tail – 2,5 cm
So this torch still counts as pocket sized
You can easy hold it in hand
But at the same time it have a functions of a searchlight
Need it or not, it’s up to you
Flashlight is rated by IPX8 standarts
Which means that it’s impact resistant: 1.2 meters
And waterproof: 5 meters submersible
Flashlight have an status indicator near the USB port
Which have a 3 colors
Red when charging or low battery
Green when fully charged
And blue for discharging (power bank mode)
Flashlight have 5 power (output) modes
I don’t remember them. So I’ll read it from the box
The lowest one – ECO. 1 lumen
Lasts up to 30 days
And have a beam distance up to 88 meters
Hmmm…. I doubt it
If one kilometre on the maximal output mode is kinda logical
But 88 meters on 1 lumen mode….
…dunno. Will check it
I’m not sure that it will be seen on the video
Because in video mode camera works a bit different
But if I’ll see with my own eyes that it really is 88 meters
then I’ll try to show it with photos
I’ll attach them to the video
If it’s not…
then I’ll will not attach photos
and will just leave it to your discretion
Next mode: low
150 lumens. Works up to 15 hours. And lights to 304 meters
Medium mode
550 lumens. Up to 4,5 hours. Beam distance – 560 m
High mode
1400 lumen. 1,5 hours. Beam distance – 879 m
Turbo mode
2500 lumen
But here is a bit different specifics
Because of the battery discharging very fast while working on 2500 lumens
the flashligh can work for about 1.6 minutes
In Turbo mode it turns down to 1400 lm
And works up to 78 minutes
And after that it will switch to previous modes
Which depends on battery level
Flashlight have unconventional and IMHO very comfortable mode switch controlles
It have tail switch and side switch
Tail switch turns on/off only Tactical Turbo Mode
Side switch is for other modes
But –
Because flashlight have memory function
Which means that it turns on at mode you have turned it off
But to avoid confusing situations when you’ve used
For example – medium mode
And turned it off
after what you need to use the minimum light
without covering the lens with your hand
or beeing nailed
By turning flashlight back in medium mode, then in high mode
And only then in 1 lumen mode
Eco (1 lm) mode switches on separately
To turn on flaslights you just need to tap on side switch
It turns on low mode
Hold the button
It switches to medium
One more time. And it switches to high mode
So what I meant
Let’s switch on the medium mode
Then turn off the flashlight
So now… Other flashlights, which don’t have controller like in T27
Should be switched on with medium mode again
Then to high mode
And only then to 1 lm mode
With this flashlight we just need to hold the side switch for 3 seconds
And it turns on 1 lm mode
Hold one more time and it will switch to next mode
One more time
Hold. Turns on 1 lm mode
Click. And it switches off
To lock the side switch
To secure flashlight from beeing randomly switched on
For example in you backpack
You should only hold the side switch for a few seconds
Until flashlight would flash 2 times with 1 lumen
After it flashlight don’t turns on b clicking the side switch
But! Turbo mode is still available
Even if the flashlight is locked
And hanging somewhere on the backpack’s strap
And if you need to blind the fck up someone
You’r able to do it
Just press the tail switch
And flashlight turns on in turbo mode
To unlock side switch it neccesary to hold the button
Until it switches on 1 lm mode
So the first mode – 1m
Camera see light only on me
But I see that it really hits more then 80 meters distance
Now I’m in the more then 90 meters long hanger
And flashlights really hits the hangers farest wall
I’ll switch another modes and camera will see them
Next mode – low
140 lumen
Even on 140 lumen mode
Beam distance is long enough
I’m not sure about 200 meters
But 140-150 there really is
Next mode – medium
550 lumen
Oh my!
Good enough
Very good!
And the high mode
1400 lumen
Let’s look at turbo mode
To be honest
I don’t see the huge difference between High and Turbo mode
But the difference will be clear on distance
Cuz’ Turbe mode shoots beam longer than kilometre
But High mode only to 880 meters
And let’s have a look on Strobe
Strobe works on 1400 lumens
And I’m ready to fall down in a faint
Meh… I wouldn’t
Modes switches smoothly
I’m just holding the side switch
And the modes are switching on their own
Three modes
So by sideswitch
After click
Modes are changing between Low, Medium and High
As I already said
You need to clicks the tail button
To turn on the 1 lumen mode, you shuld hold the sideswitch for a few seconds
And now we will go to another place
Where the distance is much more than 90 meters
There will be about kilometre
And we will check if flashlight really lights for 1180 m
I don’t fckn see that you light up fckn lighthouse
*Oh my* Now I see
@#$%@#$ (awesome)
It was seen even on previous video
Oh. I just didn’t recognized. Kinda
So! What can I say about this flashlight
It’s not a flashlight
It’s a blaster
As you’ve seen it really hits the 1 km distance
Even here in Latvia right on the seaside
When is high level of air humidity
It lighted up the lighthouse which stands 950 meters far
Also you’ve seen how it lights in the hanger
For 90 meters
So the manufacturer didn’t lied
The flashlight beam distances are really 1 km / 800 m / 500 m
And other as per specification
To be honest I’ll tell about negative sides of flashlight
And only then about the good sides
To end the review on a good note
Cons –
The first and the most important bad thing
is that the flashlight is heating up
I’ve tested maximum working time of this flashlight
It really works up to 1,5 hour on High mode
But after 40 minutes of being turned on
Flashlight has heated up to 75° C
I just turned it on and directed to the ceiling
After 40 minutes I wanted to turn it off
And burned my hand
Cuz’ 75°C for the bare skin is too much
And the 75°C was not at the head of flashlight
Cmon’ … You should be an idiot to touch the flashlights head
It’s savvy that head is hot as fck
There even is a mark for “clever people”
75°C was on the body
So if the flashlight works for a long time
Without cooling factors as wind
After 30 minutes you wont be able to hold it in hands
Manufacturer claims that flashlight have an anti-overheat system
But I didn’t recognized on what temperature it turns on
And it’s not written in the manual
And I decided to stop the test
not to kill the LED
Another con –
Since it’s an aircraft alluminium
it doesn’t have any thermal insuant
Right now we have about +5-6°C outside
Plus the cold wind
So when I walked with flashlight
swinging on my belt
It cooled down
Flashlight was too cold
And when it happens, the battery stops working
It wasn’t able even to turn on the light
I’ve tried to warm it by scrubbing with my hands
Also I took out the battery and started to warm it with breath
And only then flashlight started working at Low mode
It warmed by lamp
And only then it started to work correctly
It really is not a horrible con
But still I consider it as negative side
“Tactical ring” on a handle
This tactical ring is making me crazy
It’s just my opinion
Maybe for you it would be OK
But for me it is uncomfortable to hold the flashlight
When the “tactical ring” scraps my hand
Another con
Maximum output of LED is 1712 lumens
But using driver manufacturer boosted it up to 2500 lm
What means that LED is working over maximum allowed power
So it runs out faster
Most of flashlight manufacturers are doing this
But Acebeam boosted their flashlights LED up too 2500 lm
And in this mode it works only 1,6 minute
I don’t understand why…
You may’ve made the mode with 2000 lm for example
And it could work for 3-4 minutes
It’s still not that much. But more than 1,6 minutes
Or just leave the Turbno mode on 1400 lumens
so it could work for 1,5 hour
Considering there is no big difference
Between 1400 and 2500 lumens
The only difference is the distance of a beam
which is 100-200 meters
That’s all.
I don’t see any other negative sides of this flashlight
It’s really nice 😉
The pros –
It is a fckn searchlight
So if the cops are rolling around the hood
searching for you with a searchlight
You can just take your flashlight and search for cops. xD
De facto
The output power of beam and its distance
And the compactness of flashlight at the same time
Makes this flashlight very comfortable and multifunctional
Because it’s not huge
It fits in a pocket
It’s still a pocket torch
Here you see my pocket. Hop. It’s closed
But it lights like a car lamp
Charging by USB Type-C
As I said you can use flashlights as a powerbank
Like a power bank with charging speed of 2A
What make it a fast-charge charger
So if your cellphone have 1800 mAh battery
It will be ully charger faster than in hour
By flashlight. Not by rossete
Battery 21700 is with capacity 5100 mAh
So even if you will not use flaslight while hiking
And will use it only as a power bank
Hey. Here you have 2 full charges for iPhone 5c
Or 1,5 charges for Android devices
It depends on the battery
One more important thing –
Mode switch controller
It’s really comfortable
But I need to get used to it
It turns on by click
But the modes are switchin by holding the button
But I’m still clicking on it
And turning it off
But it’s only my problem
One more thing
It’s not good as a EDC flashlight
Yes it’s comapc for his output power
But flashlight like this is not needed everyday
Even for me
Even so I’m visiting places like this one all the time
I use this flashlight only when going to
Large industrial zones
Or abandoned towns
Where I really need to light up large area
Here is some photos from abandoned military town
With a huge telescope
Also I’d like to highlight the price of it
I would not tell the price
If we compare with another brands
Price is lower
If we will compare the flashlights with same output power and functinality
That’s all
I’m out!

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  1. Бластер – это Acebeam K75. Сравните : Acebeam T27 – 346 тысяч кандел , а в Acebeam K75 – 1 миллион 580 тысяч кандел!