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  1. I can tell your a nice likable person, So am I so don't take this the wrong way, but I didn't see the tip here. What I see here is most of the stuff I wouldn't take. Because of the quality of this stuff. I didn't really see a good fire kit even. Maybe I'm missing something. Is this for a outside lunch trip? You know, at work and its lunch time so you grab a small man purse and have a little lunch at the local park? I didn't understand when you said that the stainless steel water bottle would purify water. Did you mean sterilize water by boiling it? Or is there some sort of chemical filter in there? I'm sorry, I'm not trying to pick your video apart, But I see 57 thousand people seen this and I wonder how many might think this pack is good for emergencies. How many people might bet their life on that kind of stuff.

  2. Socks is a great tip. After doing blister research. Changing your socks on a hike every 4-6 hours greatly reduces blister likelihood. While you let the 2nd pair dry out.

  3. To quote you, "Nothing Original" BUT…. Timely and complete and well said..
    GREAT VIDEO as always!!!!!

  4. You actually had a few more items than the ten essentials:
    Map (limited size)
    Food (Cliff bars, peanut butter, hard candies)
    Sun protection (sunglasses, sunscreen)
    First-aid kit
    Flashlight / headlamp
    Fire starting x2 (lighter, tinder, book matches)
    Knife (multi-tool)
    Extra clothing (micro fleece jacket, wool socks, gloves, bandana)
    Water purification
    Repair kit
    Bug protection
    Signalling device

  5. What was the thing strapped to the bottom of the pack in the brown camo fleece? Great video it's given me lots of ideas for my EDC.

  6. Ace bandage in case you sprain your ankle you can step on a loose stone roll your ankle trip on a root it's more likely you're going to sprain it on a mountain trail or trail in the woods then on a city sidewalk and half the people don't include an ace bandage.

  7. hey John, love the show and all the useful tips you offer this show is a must see for anybody who consider themselves a weekend or a professional outdoorsman thank you for all the heads up and the tips I'll continue to watch and continue to be inspired thanks my friend

  8. Glad you pulled out that poncho. We Seattlites applaud that since the 10 essentials were coined here.

  9. Remember "The Ten Essentials" by the Seattle Mountaineers. From there book Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills ! Thank you for the video ! tjl

  10. I think we have markedly different ideas for what "essential" and "critical" means. But everybody's different.