15 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Reviews Online How Do I Buy At 11:38

  1. I don't think there's such a thing as a military survival kit,but looks high quality none the less

  2. I think that you would need at least 3 tins. 1 for fire, 1 multi purpose, 1 1st aid kit. For survival an aid kit is important as untreated wounds will get infected.

  3. While I like this kit… it does have one drawback for me it is very poorly organized. For example medical stuff was all over the place like the middle of the kit and the bottom. If you ask me they should relook at this kit and re-organize it

  4. Better than other small survival kits that I have seen on YouTube. Good tips for use. Great video.

  5. As of 11/2018 Schrade sells their little pal pocket knife for $10 free shipping. Is is just a bit bigger than those folding razors and is an actual sturdy, frame-lock, pocket knife and takes up very little room in a tin.

  6. It's got better quality components than so e of the kits out there. It seems like you could fit some of your own components in there too. Like a SAK. Not too bad.