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  1. Great Review as Always!! Most tactical lights start at the high setting but require switching power by a separate mechanism like turning the head or a separate button. (i.e., 4Sevens G5 or Olight M20X). Would like to get one of these.

  2. Excellent review. In answer to your question, I'd rather have an option to start in strobe rather than constant high, but YMMV. I can see this being an excellent choice as a backup light.

  3. Good review! No protective tail cap may mean that it could turn on when sitting down? I had that prob with the Surefire back up! That's why the SF E2D is so popular but they even put that lower lumens on that as well-in a gun fight I will NOT want a complicated tail switch-because I could end up Dead-not good!

  4. YOu can just move it over into the locked mode and it won't come on. Of course you could end up with a dead switch in an emergency I suppose.

  5. can you full click for all three modes like one click for low, second click for high and a 3rd click for strobe then 4th click for off ? or is it only half click for high and strobe?

  6. haven't use my ATAC L1 for a long time, months. then when I am about to use it, it no longer is working. tried to bypass the switch by using a tweezers to check if it will work but failed. can you help me troubleshoot it? thank you