13 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Ring Where Can We Shop At 0:41

  1. Nice that you compared it, many reviewers don't bother. Micro is less bright, Preon cost more. Ti3 is nice.

  2. that light suck! had it for 1 month never used it sat on my desk then when I needed it it wouldn't light! changed battery and still doesn't work!

  3. FYI…They rebranded it and call it the Glarei E03 and it is exactly the same but it's $8.69 on Amazon.
    Also you can pull the bezel toward you with one hand for instant on feature.

  4. On the ThruNite…the moonlight mode is perfect brightness for checking someones pupils with possible head injuries….

  5. I actually prefer the twist on and off. I have seen the click buttons fail before, in fact that may cause the flicker on your stream-light and not the LED at all. Anyway just my opinion . As far as ease yes the button. I have a couple of Steam-light Nano's on my key chains but wanted something a little better for my get home bag, so I am ordering the TI3 after watching your review. I think the hat clip pushed me over the edge.

  6. does it fit into the 5 hr energy drink bottles to be used as a mini lantern for your tent or hammock? I hope so I ordered one. I thought by now Dec 2020 there would be a micro usb rear tail switch, 14mm or .55 inch dia. light that I could use for the 4 hr energy drink bottle hack as I learned it from Waw hiker on youtube many years ago. he used the fenix E 01, I use the Fenix LD 01 and fenix LD 02 they both work but all three are no longer in production and darn hard to fine. I think the Thrunite Ti3 v2 that i just ordered will work I hope, but I am still looking for a light of the right dia. that has a rear tail switch and a micro usb charge port, would like to hear any ideas if you know of one that will work. its a great mod by the way so bright and lightweight and minimal.