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  1. The more I watch your videos the more I want to keep watching, I keep discovering more and more awesome knowledge, keep them coming brother

  2. people cry about this rifle alot to this day and talk alot of garbage about this rifle. Sure it isn't a high-speed special ops rifle but it puts nice holes into a human size target for self defense if it was only what you had shtf or self defense if you cut down the barrel as a truck gun

  3. There is NO such thing as putting a stripper clip in backward,if the stripper clip is loaded correctly.I have some Russian ammo on stripper clips dated 1940,the way they are loaded it is impossible,to load the stripper clip in the wrong direction

  4. Just saw this one. I got one years ago, but its a M-28 Finnish rifle. Great shooter. I got it for 39.95 at Roses store.

  5. Do you know what year my mosin nagant was built in? Serial number 31295, Finnish made or captured

  6. Great gun. I had to strip mine completely down to touch up the bluing and to restain and refinish the stock. If anything, the number one thing anyone should do when they get this thing is to use loctite blue on the stock screw. Comes loose too easily during shooting and handling.

  7. You can even reload the casings with black powder. If you know where to look, there are black powder proof marks on them. The Russians intended this because when they first adopted the mosin they did not have the capacity to produce enough smokeless powder, so they used black powder instead.

  8. Cute but completely false. the Mosin Nagant is a poor survival rifle for multiple reasons. Maybe "back in the day" when semi autos weren't cheap and plentiful, but now the mosin Nagant is woefully outdated to the modern prepper or survivalist. 1. any bolt action is completely obsolete in modern combat. By the time you get your first shot off you are pinned by any group with even lever action rifles as the bolt takes far too long to cycle by comparison and thats if it doesnt get stuck by the ammo you are shooting. The mosin is limited to 5 rounds of ammo where even an SKS can hold double that. Hell a garand can hold only 3 more but still out class a Mosin in combat. 2. AMMO: this is no longer the age of surplus, where you can get "spam cans" of 100's of 7.62x54R for stupid cheap. unless you get lucky and find a collector that loves mosins while your out scrounging you are SOL if the world ends. yes you can still buy from plenty of companies by the case but its cost is still higher than that of many other rifle cartridges on the market. this also hinders being able to practice with it. due to its higher recoil it will take a little longer to practice and if we are talking small budget how much of your supply and $$$ do you want to waste? 3. Weight and length. the rifle is 9 lbs and (based on standard variants) is 48.5 inches making the rifle hard to maneuver (unless running at their trench) and that weight will add up especially trying to stay mobile as this long heavy rifle with start to hinder you after a while. remember this is a bolt action with 5 rounds, how much is this really worth carrying? especially if you live in more hilly or mountainous terrain. honestly for a little more you get an SKS rifle and youd be far better off. Its semi auto, holds 10 rounds in the magazine, not limited in even the worst gun control loving states, and ammo is fairly cheap and common as it is not a niche caliber.