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Hey it’s me Fritz and I keep getting messages
‘present affordable gear or under facebook instagram photos
make a comparison, more affordable gear
what is better quality and so on
there fore it’s a comparison today, expensive vs. cheap
expensive vs. cheap
against each other: the cheaper variant of banggood around 20€
and the maxpedition falcon II, 180-200€
a quick first impression
they seem to be identical , on top we have the Y-formed tensioning belt
we have a big main compartment
a second compartment and in front two put-on bags
you can notice the falcon II has two compression belts per side
and the banggood only has one
otherwise a padded support system
on top handle
everything to adjust, all sorts of buckles
I immediately noticed, what I find annoying, you can hear it
the cheaper one rattles
the expensive one doesn’t
who doesn’t have two left hands grabs tongs and replaces the zippers with paracord
and then it’s a silent as the falcon II
you know it, I always start with the support system first
we’re looking at the back
in general with 25-30liters daypack
I don’t look at the support system that intensely
because we’re not carrying heavy weight, but still it should be paddes comfortly
back system looks pretty identical
but the banggood has more of a mesh tissue
and here more solid material
we also have a bag in the back
for example for a drinking bubble, at the flacon II, the expensive one
with a side zipper
and on top a whole for the hose
the cheaper one has a compartment with velcro closure, you can open
for a drinking bubble
and also a whole for the hose
both bags don’t have stabilty in the back system
meaning you can smush them completely
like a pouch
both the cheaper and the more expensive one
so with both models you have to be careful when packing it
so you don’t but a bulky bottle in the bag or something sharp / pointy
more something flat and straight, like a hoodie or drinking bubble
then we have shoulder straps
I’d say the maxpeditions ones have a more solid material
and they’re formed more ergonomically
they have a rotation in it, especially when it goes into the lower area
the ones of the cheaper bag go straight down
both have many variants of adjusting, lenght, breast belt
some loops, lashes and rubber straps
the cheaper one also has a D-ring, not a big difference
but I think the maxpedition seems more high-quality
of the material and the buckles
both bags have a belly belt
fairly normal as a strap
you could also undo it
personally I barely use the belly belt with the lgiht daypacks
both have the Y-straps in front, so you can adjust it
maybe to put a jacket outside
the patch surface is chosen badly at the cheaper bag
because it’s right under the Y-strap, so you can’t see the patch
the expensive one has it in front
so you have more space, it’s the small things but I like it better
colors are both coyote
the elements of the cheaper one are partly in black
this one is completely coyote
that’s a matter of taste
in general the material of the more expensive one seems more tough and stiff
the cheaper one is more fluffy and smushy, you can see up here
this one has more stabilty
the cheaper one has two molle elements, small lashes
the other one has five molle lashes
yeah, matter of taste again
if you want to put something up there, I barely use it
I’d say let’s open both and see compartments from inside
we start with the main one
I have
put something in there, just for demonstration purposes
so there’s no packing system in it
it’s just to et a feeling what you can get in there
I’ll open them completely
again, you can see the maxpedition is more stiff, has more stability, stands right here
kinda a little more robust
and this one collapses instantly
the material is just not as solid I’d say
both have a little bag in the back
this one as a net and the other one normal fabric
you can put the small stuff in it like a lighter
then a bigger main compartment, as an example a couple cloths, Nalgene bottle
also a cloth and a Klean Kanteen
in the front we have two net inserts
for gloves maybe or something else
the structure is pertty similar
the expensive one has a little leash in it
otherwise pretty much the same
on thing I didn’t figure out yet, maybe you know it, so just commenz
the falcon II has some kind of double leash on top
a small one with a clip on it
I really don’t know what that’s for
maybe for the hose or a special feature
the cheaper one doesn’t have it, but I really don’t know what to use it for
so if you know it: write it in the comments
let’s open the second main compartment
I put a hoodie in both
the cheaper one really only has one pocket
no further subdivision
the expensive one in addition has an organizer pocket
with a low insert and two low net inserts
otherwise just a smaller second main compartment
two little bags are still waiting for us
the upper put-on , with a little paracord in it
also a little paracord in the other one
there’s no subdivision in it
just a simple bag
and lastly the lower put-on bag
I’ve put a flashlight in it
the cheaper one doesn’t have a subvision in it
the more expensive one
also the flashligh in it and some subdivsions
organziner inserts for stuff like gloves or whatever
here you can organize some more
also a little carabiner maybe for the keys
on the front a molle system again
so pretty identical
now the question: which one is the better one?
for the moment I don’t have a long-time experience
so I can’t really talk about material loss
so clearly it’s a matter of taste with the looks, the material, the organization and so on
first: what budget do I have? what’s important to me?
is the cheaper one enough for me, even it rattles?
but I can adjust a little myself
and the patch isn’t that important to me
or do I want more molle, more organizational parts,
do I maybe want a known label, that stands for high-quality and is pretty robust?
everyone has to decide on it’s own, and everyone should gain it’s own experiences
the video aims to compare this a little
I show you two models that are pretty identical
compare them
and then you can decide what you like better and what’s more important to you and gain own experiences
now your opinion interets me
first: what do you think about the topic cheap vs expensive?
what is your experience?
and in general the video format: does this interest you?
cheap gear vs expensive gear
write it in the commets
leave a like, don’t forget to subscribe
and we’ll see each other on Instagram, Facebook & so on
bye bye
a little advertisement at the end: you know it, the patches are mine.
survival & lost places, I have designed some others at the moment
if you like it look into the description
under merch or patches, everything is linked there
and you can get one yourself, however you like
see you next time, bye bye

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Tactical Flashlight Sale For Sale Online

15 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Sale For Sale Online At 15:11

  1. Sehr schöner vergleich.
    ich habe den Falcon 2 in der Urversion und nutze ihn seid 2012 jeden Tag auf die Arbeit und im Urlaub. Der einzige Verschleiß den ich bis jetzt habe, ist eine Naht an der Schlaufe die den Y-Riemen führt, diese gibt jetzt langsam den Geist auf. Ansonsten leichter Abrieb an den kompressionsriemen, aber nichts wildes.

    Den Klon Assault Pack 2 von Miltec habe ich nach ca. 2 Jahren entsorgt, weil die Reißverschlüsse am Hauptfach versagt haben. Macht nix. Kost ned viel. Brauche ich einen "Drecksack" kaufe ich mir den billigen auch nochmal. 🙂

    Klar bekommt man für das Geld des Falcon2 auch 5-6 günstige Modelle. Die erfüllen ihren Zweck auch, aber halt nicht so gut und nicht so lang. Es kommt immer auf den Einsatzzweck an.
    geht man ein bis zweimal im Jahr damit Campen, ganz klar. das günstige Modell.

    Hat man ihn aber jeden Tag dabei, ist die Frustfreiheit z.B. bei den Reißverschlüssen absolut das Geld wert.

  2. Rein Ökologisch gesehen sollte man sich einen Rucksack kaufen der häält und nicht fünf schlechte!

  3. Ich würde sagen für den anfang reicht der günstige und mann kann dann immer noch auf steigen.

  4. Teuer ist halt nicht gleich gut und wer billig kauft, kauft 2mal , das Preis Leistung Verhältnis muss stimmen

  5. Hab das video jetzt erst gesehen aber was die qualität angeht hab ich einfach die erfahrung gemacht das man die billigen sachen kauft und sich danach dann die teuren kauft weil die billigen nix waren. also so an sich würde ich sagen lieber investieren also etwas zu kaufen was nachher trotzdem durch was teures ersetz wird. "ich kann es mir nicht leisten billig zu kaufen"

  6. Also ich würde mich schon für Videos interessieren günstige Ausrüstung die was taugt !

  7. der vergleich ist scheiße .
    das währe genauso als wenn ich einen vergleich machen würde zwischen meinem F 150 raptor und einen kleinen opel corsa , wer da wohl den kürzeren ziehen würde .
    Und wo hin ich den patsh mache ist doch auch scheiß egal , und wenn ich mir den an meinen A….. nageln würde .
    Es gibt gute tagesrucksäcke zwischen 30 und 60 euro und nicht zwischen 20 und 180-200 euro.

  8. Leider ist der Link für den günstigen Rucksack nicht mehr nutzbar. Schade….