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Prepping your car for winter driving severe winter weather emergency checklist items to carry in your vehicle snow ice
hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper when how to know when it will be winter in Alaska the fireweed
blooms at the top there’s six weeks
until winter let’s talk about winter
prepping and your car kit checklist emergency gear you
need to be prepared for winter driving
emergencies check antifreeze levels on
your car then in your car you need to
make sure you have the emergency gear
that you always carry water first aid
kit tools fire extinguishers USB rechargeable flashlights
a Life Bivy bag emergency sleeping bag from Go Time Gear a phone charging cord
some trash bags toilet paper and Kleenex
things like that those emergency survival car kit items things should be
in your car all the time always include
a set of warm clothing and appropriate
shoes or boots so that you can walk if
you have to a warm blanket and some hand
make sure you have a nice snow broom ice scraper brush to clean the windshield and windows
something tool to remove snow from your vehicle and get the ice off of your windshield and windows
are you prepared for a frozen lock on the car door handle
keep hand sanitizer with your keys and if your lock is frozen you can spread the hand sanitizer on the key
insert the key into the lock and the alcohol in the hand sanitizer will melt the ice
check that your tires are in
good repair and if you don’t have
four-wheel drive you need to think about
getting snow tires or make sure you have
chains on board your car keep up with
your vehicle maintenance on a regular
basis and then slow down you may think
you’re safe but remember snow tires and
chains and four-wheel drive help you get
going they don’t help you stop you don’t
want to risk any injury to yourself or
others by going too fast slow down and
make sure you arrive safely
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  1. How cold do it get really cold in Alaska? I'm from the South is always HOT, down here! We get snow twice every 10 year about 2 or 3 inch of snow! I love the cold and snow!

  2. great info /tips AG. especially about the key which can happen a lot especially in freezing rain. Sand or kitty litter can also help with traction , and a shovel can help too.