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  1. Schrade, AKA Taylors Mfg. has been coming out with a lot of downright tough and reliable knives over the past years. And the best part about them is just how affordable they are. I would trust my life and safety to a Schrade tactical folder any time, and my SCHA6L is one of the best knives I have ever handled. It is a perfect companion to my EDC handgun when I am in a place that allows CCW and when in a gun-ban city, the SCHA6L is my main defensive weapon. And just like the model featured in this video, I purchased it for a song from Smoky Mountain Knife Works. If I were to give the only criticism I have about this knife company, it would be just the retractable assisted openers that they lately have been coming out with. I handled one at a gun show. As a person accustomed to traditional assisted openers, the blade on the retractable rockets out the end at considerable force and then locks in place. Kind of an awkward design.

  2. "So who is this knife for"

    Cheap cunts who would rather buy Chinese made and continue to enable China to get away with cheap labor and poor quality control all while boosting their economy and killing their very own.

  3. I carried the 104ls for about a year 1/2 and it's a bad ass folding knife I use it for everything I need a knife for I use it everyday and it hasn't let me down once haven't had to tighten screws or anything to it other then sharpening the blade !!