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  1. You could also just get a 5 gallon bucket fill it with water and stick it on an ALICE frame and have 40lbs. Be a real eye opener.

  2. The easiest way I train for the upcoming season is to wear my loaded back pack walking around the neighborhood. as an adventurer over the years in scouts and what not, ive been able to use what works and purge what doesnt. Me and my boys go out to the AT and just go 2,3,4 days at a time. eat our packed dry food and find stuff to try, grubs, acorns, sasafras and what ever else we can scrounge. Water filter, fire, and shelter along with fire power are the must haves when we go. i carry 60-68 lbs in my v90 battleship and do just fine. ofcourse im a big guy but packs match the person. I find that the loaded mags and rifle carried in the front of me kind of balances out the load. IDK, my 2 cents.

  3. Are u referring to a bug out bag or a 72 hour bag because if I'm bugging out for good I always can throw ammo down or dump water out but I just can't magically get ammo or water you always can take off what you have u never can put on what u don't

  4. That's why body building was invented. The more muscle the easier it is to carry excess weight. It also stabilizes gun recoil while firing rapidly. Preppers should get in shape. Only the strong and smart survive in a SHTF event

  5. If that many people are going to bug out I'll take a small back pack with two days food, a canteen with water filter and my sleeping gear then wait a couple of days and walk through the woods and pick out the stuff I want from what they leave behind.

  6. studies have shown that 1/3 of your bodyweight is the maximum load able to be carried without significantly affecting fighting performance. Keep in mind that soldiers are in better shape than most people, but bugging out also isn't the same as going to war, so it's a decent benchmark number to shoot for. (Example if you weigh 180lbs your pack should be 60lbs at its max weight)