5 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Shop Buy Near Me At 11:44

  1. I just bought this mirror yesterday and found this video today wow. Love ur vids man keep up the good work and god bless. And sorry if there are any weird numbers in the comment my phone's acting a little weird and its putting stuff in my comments. Idk why.

  2. Besides some sort of pouch to protect the plastic mirror, I'd like to see the instructions on a small plastic card similar to the Esee survival cards.

  3. Good flash demo and some good tips! To protect my plastic signal mirror, I bought two – the one I carry on me for emergencies is still is in the original unopened blister pack, cut down to minimal size and reinforced with tape. In case of emergency, I'll open it. The other one, I use for practice. For practice, I use a 3" diameter bicycle reflector, which flashes back at me if I hit it.