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  1. You have reason to worry about your stressed zippers with the way you packed (I suffer the same issue! :o) ). I would suggest that you use a few bungee cords across the back and attached to the side webbing to help compress things and also take some of the strain off the zippers.

  2. heavy and solid at bottom soft but not fragile over that and then fragile on top
    the lighter the higher the heavyer the lower …

  3. You would save a lot of space by rolling either the poncho or the liner into a roll, then putting it in the shock cord area under the secondary compartment. A lot of people usually use that area for rain jackets or umbrellas. The poncho would work really well there. That way if you are ever caught in the rain you can set up shelter or put your poncho on without getting your other gear wet.

  4. @bushcraftourway My comment was from a year ago, and Kevin did not know it at the time! Pay attention man.

  5. this backpack is so small, only 23l. Its more or less for city tourism but not for outdoor activity.

  6. REI makes a nice 6-liter compression stuff sack for the poncho liner. will take it down smaller than what you have packed. I also pack the little green New Testament we were issued in basic training.