13 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Shop Where Does One Buy At 6:39

  1. Great question! If I carried a 9, I'd probably carry a 9 backup. .40's though, are a little bigger, and I do not want to go over 7lbs on whole rig, so I make my BUG a P3AT.

    If I am going somewhere away from civilization, I will carry 2 .40's, a longslide Glock and the 23 or 27. Also more ammo.

    Am working on a .223 pistol for long walks in the woods, and would then leave smaller BUG at home. Also on walk in woods, a little more carry weight is OK, as it's for excercise anyhow.

  2. Have recently switched my EDC slacks, (when not dressed for the symphony) to True-Spec.GREAT distribution of stuff, and does not wear out your pockets.

  3. The wallet around the neck is genius I love it and in the three seasons of the year that I wear jackets or coats, hoodies etc. you would never know it was there. Summer I usually t shirts so it would be obvious.

  4. Yes, that is why I am equipped American. What part of the Scout Motto, "be prepared," do you disagree with?

    Which of the gear would you leave behind, with your supportive reasoning? Maybe there is a new way to look at things which I have not yet considered? What is your specific alternative?

  5. Rambo was a fantasy figure, who used military qeuippment.

    I have all practical tools, (plus a lot more which I didn't show) for every day, or at least every week use. How do you equate the two?

  6. A "few people"might call carrying six flashlights,four knives,a baton and two guns all at once paranoia or overkill………,never mind,let's be honest,"Everyone"thinks that's overkill ! You're in New Mexico for Gods sake,not Syria!

  7. This has to be a joke. No one take this seriously. Too much stuff. There is some good pieces of info however do not carry a baton! Especially an ASP. If you have ever used an ASP you know that they……don't work! If you want less lethal take some BJJ training if you are worried about "less lethal"

  8. Hey man don't let the trolls on here with their shitty comments get you down, carry what makes you fell comfortable, that's all that matters.

  9. Imagine being stuck behind this guy in the security line at the airport 🙂
    Bet he still uses that phone with the "special chip".