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prepping home checklist must have emergency survival supplies prepper stockpile
hi it’s Alaskagranny Alaska Prepper basic emergency kits that we should all have in our home
I’m going to go over those items with
you today and tell you what kind of
things I think you should add to your
emergency kit the first thing on your
emergency list is water we know that we
need one gallon of water per day per
person and you should have it for a
minimum of three days of water stored for each person should
actually have a 14 day supply if you
really want to be prepared for an
emergency you aren’t going to need water
just for drinking you’re also going to
need water for hygiene sanitation needs
cooking and cleaning so make sure that
you are storing as much water as you can
know that we have to have water to
survive and so what happens when that
water runs out you may still have
running water in your home but it may
not be safe to drink so you should go
beyond just having a few gallons of
water and have a way to purify more
water if you need to you can boil water
to make it pure one easy way to purify
water is adding bleach but if you want
to add bleach you need to have some
eyedroppers so that you can drop a few
drops of bleach into each quart of water to purify sanitize bleach is not an
easy item to store for long term because
the bleach and it evaporates and you’re
left with just water so a next option
would be to store something like pool
shock but pool shock is a chemical you
need to make sure that you store it in
an airtight container and you store it
outside of your house in summer like
your garage or a shed one little package
of pool shock can make many gallons of
bleach add some of the powdered pool
shock to some water and then you have
made your own bleach and you can use
drops of that pool shock water into the
water that you want to purify to drink or use for other sanitizing purposes another simple way to
have fresh water especially if you want
to put something in your
hiking bag bug out bag is Aquatabs each
strip of Aqua tabs has 10 tablets the
aqua tab water purification tablets are a great item to have so that you can purify water in many kinds
of situations you can also get potable
aqua which are germicidal water purification tablets that
come in a little bottle and you can drop
these Potable Aqua water purification tablets into water and purify it read the
directions carefully so you understand
how to use it because it varies from water purification
item to item of how you make your water
safe to drink another item you might
want to consider is some kind of a water purification filter whether you want an in home water filter like
a berkey water filter that you can pour
in gallons of water at a time or a
personal water filter such as the Life Straw
there’s many different kinds of water
filters it’s a great idea to make sure
you get at least one for your emergency
needs the next category of must have emergency supplies is
food if you have no running water no
electricity no way to cook or prepare
anything you want foods you can just
open and eat and you have something to
sustain you no matter what open and eat cans of food that are like full meals entrees
you can find all kinds of ready to eat MRE type different packets of foods that come in
shelf-stable packages fully cooked you
don’t have to heat them up you can just
tear them open and eat them there’s just
a whole variety of foods that you can
find in shelf-stable meals but they’re
already fully cooked so all you need to
do is open and eat them if you have cans
and they do not have a pull top make
sure you add a can opener to your
emergency supplies anything you could
tear open and eat look for foods like
boxes of cereal and shelf-stable milk
milk that doesn’t need to be
refrigerated you can find food for
several days it doesn’t require any
cooking then you can go ahead and add
foods that you just add water or just
need to cook
a little bit and those are great foods
to have to shore up your pantry and fill
in your long term food supply so that
you have plenty of food going forward every time
you go to the store or you have an
opportunity to shop
stock up on something else for food storage keep putting foods and
things aside until you have a nice
supply there are all kinds of reasons
why we might have emergencies and
shortages and you don’t want to find
that you didn’t supply enough food to
feed your family in any situation make
sure you have the items you need to help
provide safe meals for yourself get a
simple camping stove a butane stove is
only like $20 have some extra fuel
canisters you can get something as
simple as a few cans of sterno and go to
the Dollar Tree and look for the little
cans of fancy heat you remove the lid
there’s a wick you light it it’s like an
alcohol stove use this to heat food for
about two hours you’re also going to
need paper plates plastic utensils cups
and I’ll put a link to a video I make on
how to do dishes when there’s little
to no running water that might give you
some ideas on how you can continue to
serve meals when there’s little or no
water in emergency situations or even if
you’re just camping it sure you have
toilet paper paper towels and some trash
bags I’ll put a link to a video I made
about how to use a portable toilet which
would be called a luggable loo emergency toilet in case
you need to have an emergency toilet in an emergency situation the next item you need is a
radio for an emergency radio I like the
Eaton scorpion it’s lightweight and it
is multifunctional it has am/fm it
has a built-in flashlight bottle
can opener and a carabiner so you can
hook it on to something it has a wind-up
function solar panel and a USB port so you could charge up your cell phone if you needed
it the next item you need for your emergency gear must have is a
flashlight for every person in your
family it’s very important that you not
only have a variety of flashlights but
that you also have the batteries that go with them my favorite flashlight
has a USB rechargeable end you can plug
it in anyplace you can plug in a USB you
can recharge this flashlight headlamps
are also a great kind of a flashlight to
have you put them on your head turn them on
your hands are free for any tasks that
you need to do get some lanterns you can
get them even at the Dollar Tree and you
can get USB rechargeable little
battery-operated lanterns have an oil lamp with extra lamp oil some extra wicks glow
sticks are a great emergency light to have around children because they’re not going to
set anything on fire and the glow stick can go all night long if they need some comfort if
the power goes out there’s always a risk
that you can still become sick so what
are some supplies that you need for your emergency supplies
fever reducers cough medicine
medicines for upset stomachs and
diarrhea muscle rubs and epsom salts you
can always soak in a hot tub with a cup
of Epsom salt to help relieve pains
aches and even help reduce fevers if you
take prescription medication make sure
that you have enough on hand so that you
don’t need to go out to get something
that you need on a day-to-day basis you
need to have a bug-out bag so that if
you had to leave your home you could
have a change of clothes in there have a
little bit of all of these different
categories of emergency supplies don’t become a
prepper out of fear become a prepper
because you care to provide the
lifestyle for your family that keeps you
safe and comfortable if you have all
these emergency supplies prepping home checklist things on hand it doesn’t matter what’s going on around you it makes the
outcome far better for you and the
people that you love the most
if you found my video useful I hope you’ll
share it with someone else you think might like it
learn more at alaskagranny.com please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny
channel youtube prepper prepping channel

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  1. Just as you think you’re starting to be happy and content with your preparedness, along come AlaskaGranny to tell you you need paper plates lol . Thanks AG , I hadn’t thought of that

  2. Always look forward to your helpful videos, AG! Thank you for the reminder about the camping stove and the Scorpion radio. Both are on my list of preps to get!

  3. I very much liked your suggestion on storing more than three days supply of water per person. Many years go I was on Guam when a super-typhoon came through. We had no power off base or water flowing in the taps for just over a month, but thankfully I could go to the beach with buckets to flush the toilet. Brushing your teeth with your favorite soda sounds like an oxymoron, but it is what we had to do.