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  1. Do you have an idea what the hole at the front of the sheath could possibly be for? Great review, anyway, wanted to learn more about the sheath, this was the only review that covered it thoroughly.

  2. I can't remember I don't have this knife anymore but I believe its just security to keep the knife in place or at least attached to your persons. I.E. Stringing it up with paracord to your backpack..

  3. In Pa it's classified as a dagger because it is double edged, a knife serving no lawful purpose which is designed for stabbing.. While it's not illegal to own in you house, it is illegal to carry on your person.

  4. im picking one up tomorrow for 20 bucks at a pawn shop. ive already looked at it, its a great little knife

  5. You spent ten minutes saying what we can figure out by reading the box. REVIEW the knife.