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  1. What did you pay . I bought a new old stock coast on ebay a few months ago . It had batteries in it for testing in sore with a PUSH HERE TO TEST GIMMICK Any way the batteries had corroded and the light would not shut off .Even after I cleaned the corrosion inside it . Well I have to say COAST has a great warranty . No questions asked even with corrosion and being second hand buyer with no receipt . I only paid to mail it in first class mail a little over 2 dollars . And the best part is I only paid 8 dollars for a 40 dollar flash lite . Again it was new in the package but the test batteries leaked . I think the seller bought a lot of them for a steal because of the leakage . Bottom line go with coast for the warranty and quality and price it is all there for the best mid range flashl. I was just at FENIX flashlites site and I checked there warranty info .It is very strict . So I am just going to get another coast for my new needs . Thanks for the review . and God Blesss

  2. Great light! i also have the hp7 love it my everyday light but i want the upgraded 360 lumins mine is 251 lumins. The only thing is it flickers with rechargeable batteries i use the duracell batteries like the ones they come with.

  3. little bit of a step-down issue with mine. high mode should almost not exist. better if 300 lumens than 360

  4. now with 360 lumens and still sporting its outstanding design I have two of these. One is black the other blue. Power them off Energizer Ultimate Lithium AAA's. Runs great. The spot is excellent as is the flood beam. Impressively the light does better than 25k CD. The HP7 is also much better than its LED Lenser counter part. Interestingly my black one has a cool white tint and my blue one puts out a very neutral tint. Build quality is outstanding. Hell I bought a Coast knife for 18 bucks and it is outstanding! Couldnt help but notice the camera in this review picking up the PWM the light uses. No biggie at all its so fast you cant see it with the naked eye. The light is direct drive which is simple and predictable.

  5. Okay so I did bought a hp7 before and i say its okay as long it help you outdoor and cause of its light weight but the problem why I dont like it is not as narrow beam as you want it to be, its okay you can see it but its not like maglite led deep reflector.

    I do finally bought the coast G70 and I say I like its narrow much narrow then HP7 but its not as the maglite still.

  6. Anyone have the HP7 XDL ? How does.ot compare to the regular H7 ? Thanks…..