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Lumir K is an easy, accessible and sustainable lamp.
All you need is
a few drops of cooking oil to light up.
Imagine you are out in nature or a campsite
without a single light.
Well, your rechargeable lamp is
running out of the battery.
So, what is your plan B for such situations?
Let’s take it a little further.
How about 1.2 billion population in the world
who do not have access to electricity?
What would they do?
That’s why we came up with Lumir K.
Just grab a cooking oil anywhere you can find.
It’s easier to spot one than you would expect
like your home, in the backpack for camping,
and even in off-grid areas
where you have no access to light.
It doesn’t even matter what kind of cooking oil is.
Olive, canola, and palm oil, literally any oil you fetch.
Fill up the container with cooking oil.
Light the wick, and put the lamp over it.
In 2 minutes, it will light up
the bright and adjustable LED light.
Super easy.
Lumir K is efficient.
It lasts an hour with just 5ml of cooking oil.
It’s a perfect size that you can store anywhere
without taking huge space.
so it’ll be there for you in an emergency.
And Lumir K is sustainable, as its life is 10 years.
After we launched our candled powered lamp
back in 2016, we strived to develop a more
practical and efficient lamp.
Now, Lumir is reaching out to various regions
for those who need light
so that they can make their day longer.
With the light of Lumir K, mothers can make
a living even after sunset
and kids can study to brighten up their future.
Your Lumir K will keep their lives going after
We can’t wait for how you will use yours!
And With your support, Lumir K can present
a more powerful light to the world.
Together, we can make a difference.
Let’s light up the world.

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Tactical Flashlight Strobe Best Brand To Buy

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  1. Bit of info lacking:-

    Wiil it only accept 5 ml per "charge" then you struggle in the dark to refill it hourly?
    Or can you add a goodly amount and extinguish it at "bed-time"?