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there today we’re gonna be looking at a
nother flashlight
we’ve already looked at the tack light
the tack light Pro we’ve looked at the
tack lantern and the tack lantern Pro I
think that’s all the lights we’ve looked
at now they all have one thing in common
they all require batteries
well this flashlight is actually called
the Hydra light and what does that run
on it runs on water that’s pretty cool a
little strange but pretty cool man I
think this would be awesome for those of
you that are corrupters or those that
you are campers or van life or you know
what if you just want to have this in
your house in case of a power outage you
have something to reach to it actually
says this will last shelf life up to 25
years so you have it for a long time if
you need to the general concept is you
take this battery which is their cell
and you dunk it into water you take it
out you stick it into the flashlight and
then it runs pretty cool pretty cool
technology I will say it does say it
only lasts up to 300 hours which is not
a long time most LED bulbs last about
hundred thousand hours or more so you’ll
be needing to replace this battery
frequently if you’re utilizing this time
and time again and there is a website
that you can go to to get additional
batteries and we’ll talk about that in a
little bit but I’m kind of excited about
this product I’m excited about the
technology that it offers so let’s get
to an unboxing okay so some of these
packages you see that they have like a
tear out back we could rip them open
this does not so I actually had to cut
down the line and I cut off this plastic
way I think they put it in this sealed
plastic because realistically if you
keep this in the plastic lasts up to 25
sorry for all the crinkling and so
that’s pretty impressive they do
recommend you keeping it in a dry
environment as well so here we have two
simple items the flashlight and the
battery so what they tell you to do is
they said get water and get any kind of
water and so I just have tap water right
here and I say drop the cell in there
for 10 to 12 seconds so let’s take a
look at this flashlight to show you how
big it actually is this is the TAC light
krill that I reviewed not too long ago
and look at it next to the Hydra light
it is significantly larger pretty
impressive size light so you won’t
definitely won’t lose this I think that
was probably about 10 12 seconds so
let’s take this out of the water let
that last a little bit drain off now it
does tell you to shake off the excess
water so I have a bucket over here on
the side to come you can’t see it but
that’s what I’m shaking this off into
just to shake off the excess water all
right I think that about doesn’t right
quick turn for the bottom of the
flashlight and there is an arrow
direction it says insert and so you’re
inserting it this way you put the bottom
back on there we go before I turn it on
or try to turn it on I will say there’s
a cool little hook right here where you
could hook this on something and maybe
dangle it maybe that’s for the lantern
function that’s pretty cool – all right
a moment of truth
will it work or will it not oh look at
that it’s a bright light whoa that is
pretty cool I’m really really impressed
with this light all right now I’m gonna
show you the lantern let’s say I think
you just pull this up well and that’s
pretty cool
I really liked this light it’s gonna
come in handy if the power goes out I’m
a frequent camper so this will be sweet
to be using out there I don’t the bring
extra batteries it’s a really really
neat light so this is the Hydra light it
runs on water and you heard that
correctly this does run on water and my
test I think it did a great job
so originally was going to do a video
over time showing you how the brightness
would would reduce but there really is
no point in that see hide your light
says as the battery cell starts to dry
out it’s gonna get dim and so what they
recommend is take the battery out dump
in water shake it off and put it back in
and it’ll be just as brought it as it
was the very first time so there’s
really no point in doing the brightness
reduction because we know it’s gonna
happen you just get the battery wet
again and put it back in and you’ll be
just as good but I wanted you to know
why I didn’t do that test I’m ready to
give you my final review of the Hydra
light finally we have an As Seen on TV
product that does exactly what it says
it will do it says it comes with a
battery cell that if you dunk it in
water you could power a flashlight and
yep it actually does what it says it
also says the battery will only work up
to about 300 hours I appreciate the
honesty it also says you can buy more
battery cells and they give you a
website that’s pretty sweet stuff this
is a nice durable flashlight it’s rubber
on the bottom and the top and even right
here in the middle this is a great
flashlight for a case emergency or if
you’re camping or whatnot I wouldn’t use
it necessarily all the time just because
of the limited battery but they do
provide extra batteries so I appreciate
Hydra light for being honest with your
product for us because you know what
it’s a pretty sweet thing I bought this
for about 15 bucks at Walmart they do
sell replacement cells for about twenty
seven dollars I think on their website
for two you can also find them on Amazon
for eleven twelve dollars apiece so
that’s something just so you know as
well I will say after I shook out the
battery cell when that water dried there
was like this white powdery substance on
it almost like a salt like thing and so
I was reading through the directions or
the disclaimers on the product it says
it will leave a salty residue that is
not harmful at all it’s completely
harmless so just know that you might
his white powdery substance or herself
and I’ll put a picture right here just
so you can see what it looked like
anyway this was the heart Hydra light
and this was jeff with jeff reviews for
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know they’re pretty sweet reading
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Tactical Flashlight Surefire For Sale Buy Now

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