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  1. That's nice…Wow…because all of that is a bargain. I bought some mayday items individually and just for the rations and water it ran me $40…all that is a steal. That's a great deal bro

  2. Awesome I will for sure check this out! I think I will order a few. Thanks and what a good price!

  3. Sleep shopping, LOL!! At least it wasn't drunk shopping.
    Anyways, the Mayday food bars are alright but I wish they would come in individual meal sizes because you need some ziplock baggies to put the remainder of the bars in or they will get ruined if it is real damp or dusty, or what not. The water bags are just genius by themselves and I will think about getting those. I use the water pouches in my car emergency kit since they take up little to no room and the ones you showed had the added bonus of a protective bag for the pouches that doubles as a water bladder so you can collect clean rainwater and have that to drink as well. All that for 35 bucks? You got one hell of a steal.

  4. I like this backpack and like you said you can always add more to it to customize your needs. Excellent job! Keep em coming! 😎