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  1. If you use the can for a drink of water, don't you need a bag or something to hold everything that was in the can?

  2. If you want good band-ades, get Nexcare by 3M. Band-ade brand SUCKS! The clear Nexcare will stay on for at least a week's worth of showers. The "waterproof" Band-ade brand comes off with a little sweat.
    Also if you want to make your own kit in a can, Lowe's has empty paint cans with lids in quart and gallon sizes for a few bucks. They're re-closeable and pretty roomy. I made a gallon kit to keep in the car with a Mora knife, a folding saw, lifestraw filter, emergency tent and a bunch of other stuff.
    To boil water in, I keep oven bags in my kit. They will handle about 350° F, and hold more than a half gallon of water, or a fresh rabbit/squirrel/fish with wild onions.