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I was born in 1974 in Kansas City, MO. But
I grew up in Grain Vally, MO and apparently
my mother liked to take a lot of naked pictures
of me. Here is my grandfather who just passed
away this year. Here is my mom and dad. My
dad had a great afro, but was an alcoholic
and largely absent most of my life. I had
a pretty normal childhood, my grandparents
definitely filled the void there. And I have
a younger brother who was 2 and a half years
younger than me. We grew up on a farm and
we stayed in that shack right there while
we were saving up money for the really nice
trailer house. I graduated high school in
1992 and got a motorcycle for graduation.
Which I enjoyed for a whole 4 or 5 months.
I also shot sporting clays competitively and
enjoyed going camping and canoeing and when
i got into college I was a yell leader. I
joined the USAF in 1996 and was a Wilderness
Survival Instructor until 2000. Where were
we? I guess we got up to the year 2000. Which
is the year that i met the love of my life
and got married. And it is kind of a funny
story, when I first met her she came over
to meet a friend of mine and I answered the
door and let her into the house and as soon
as I saw her I knew immediately I was going
to sleep with her and three days later I told
her that I loved her and she was the first
woman that I have ever said I love you to
and to this day is the only woman that I have
ever been in love with. 35 days later after
I first met her we got married and here it
is 15 years later and everything is going
well. Stacey had a daughter when I met her.
Her name is Brittany, she was about 3 and
a half years old and every since we got married
I have considered her like my own daughter
and always will. Ya know. But we moved from
Spokane to San Antonio in the year 2000 and
that is where I was assigned to the Antiterrorism
Specialty Team with the USAF and that was
a hectic time. 9/11 happened during that time
and my first son was born during that time
and that was a very cool experience and definitely
one of the most proud days of my life. I got
to cut his umbilical cord with a leatherman.
So that was pretty cool! I took another assignment
and moved back out to the midwest, out to
Omaha, NE and in Omaha I was assigned to the
FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force. And I really
enjoyed that I liked it a lot. My second son
was born in Omaha and that was also amazing!
It is kind of funny because Brittany is the
type A personality, she is the oldest and
the very classical oldest child. Then we have
Tanner who is the middle child and he is definitely
the peace maker and he is the one who wants
everybody to get along and last but not least
is Xander and he is always got to be the center
of attention. So we have three kind of classic
personality types as far as our children go.
Here in Northern Virginia, that kind of brings
us up to present day and I guess here I have
a lot of different roles and I play a lot
of different roles and do a lot of different
things so why don’t we take a look at a few
of those different roles and it will give
you guys just a little bit more insight into
how crazy my life is I guess. There is a ghost
on that ship no one is flying that ship! It
is on remote control. Dude he almost got you!
Whoa. Hey Britt you got time to do that video
real quick? Oh, I have to shower and change
so I should have about 3 and a half minutes,
is that good? Well that is more than I normally
get. **Child Reading Spelling words** Clock,
Jump, Wait Joke, grope, some, stove, cone,
hope, hot, home, come, spot. I am also the
reigning ping pong champion, but of course
next week I will be the looser. Whoa! Grunts,
and yells, thumbs on the floor, Get over here.
Hey Britt, Do you have time to do that video
real quick? Oh Sorry, my makeup took a little
longer than I thought. Can we ah? Tomorrow?
Is that good? Tomorrow? Sorry. And he is also
my cuddle buddy! Lucky me!

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Tactical Flashlight Switch How To Shop

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  1. Great video you have an intressting background with alot of skill sets and you have your hands full all the time Lol 🙂

  2. Great video. Would love to hear more about your different work assignments and what they were like. It would also be interesting to hear how those experiences influence/influenced your prepping.