4 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Tactical Flashlight How Can One Buy At 21:41

  1. Aware you've posted this in 2012, in January of 2018 I've received presumably the latest rendition of this in the lumens race. I guess it has bumped up to 35 after that 28lms you're testing here. And today packaging suggests 45lumens..hooray.
    Just wanted to mention it still the same awesome S – clip and lanyard included. However no extra tail cap, I guess it cut into the profit margins somehow. Curious how frequent a tail cap would fail ?
    Big fan of your YouTube work.

  2. Now they came out with the usb chargeable microstream usb. It's 350 lumen! On high 80 lumen on low. Check it out Amazon does not have it yet got mine from snap on truck.. I stand corrected . .it is only 250 lumen but that's still fricken bright for such a little light. And making it rechargeable makes it that much better.