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reset your prepping emergency gear update bug out bag prepper survival checklist
hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper welcome to Granny Camp my remote off grid Alaska cabin
today I wanted to discuss resetting your
prepping emergency gear prepping goals
there are two times a year when the clocks roll forward and backward when we go
in and out of daylight savings time and
standard time
this is a great time to review your
survival prepping gear goals inspect your gear get out your
supplies emergency prepping bug out bag supplies figure out what are you missing what’s
expired or out of date things that need to be replaced or
upgraded it’s a perfect time of year
for looking over your emergency survival gear and bug out bag
strategizing what are the emergency supplies things that I need how can
I make sure I’m providing the best
to keep myself and my family safe in an
if you’ve already been gathering you’re
prepping emergency gear you probably
already have some idea of a container
that you want to store your emergency gear
it can be anything from a plastic shoe
a tote with a tight fitting lid a
a big duffle bag it can be whatever you
have on hand
there’s no best bag or box or solution to organize store carry your emergency gear bug out supplies you want to use the things that you
already have on hand it doesn’t make any
to start out by buying an expensive bag
just to put your emergency gear if you
have the extra money that’s great but
most of us
don’t it’s more important that we start
off with gathering the gear that we need
and then figuring out how much do we
where can we best store the emergency prepping gear and what are
the things that we actually need
no matter what the emergency is everyone needs fresh drinking water
and food so gather together at least
a three-day supply of canned and
packaged foods foods that you can just
open and eat don’t require any
preparation and at least three gallons of water just
one gallon of water per person for at least three days look at
foods like canned soups chili tear open and eat pouches peanut
butter granola bars crackers foods that you can
eat without any preparation because in an emergency
you may not have power you may not have the time
and the opportunity to stop and cook something you want to
make sure that you can grab and go
open and eat food so that no matter what
the circumstances you have the energy that you need to
help you get going so you can decide what to do next have a
first aid kit essential prepping gear it can be a first aid kit that you assemble
yourself a premade fancy first aid kit that you buy already made and your first aid kit can be even a
combination buy a basic first aid kit
and add the extra first aid supplies that you want with
it to make sure that it best suits your
next you want some hygiene supplies you
want things like a toothbrush
a hair brush some wet wipes toilet paper
and then feminine hygiene products and
if you have a baby make sure that you
diapers next you need some lighting
start with some flashlights and include
the batteries that go with the
flashlights that you have if you have small children you may want
glow sticks you can snap the glow sticks shake them and they
can light up and glow for 8 to 12 hours depending on the
quality of the glow sticks that you buy
an item that I found that is useful is a
battery operated candle that I got at the dollar tree dollar store
the battery operated candles are very bright they’re long lasting and it’s a common size battery that it’s
easy to have extra batteries so that you have a bright light to utilize in a power
outage using lights with batteries rather than
with a candle or a flame
helps you prevent a fire have a fire
extinguisher a fire extinguisher is a piece of emergency gear everyone
should have in their home at all times maybe you’ll
want some fire starting gear it can be
as easy
as a waterproof container with some
matches some cotton balls
some petroleum jelly jute twine there
are many different kinds of fire
starters that you can make yourself
or you can purchase already made fire starters in an
emergency you’ll need ways to
have a whistle it’s also a great idea to
have an emergency radio
I like the eaton scorpion emergency radio flashlight it has a solar panel
it winds up it has am fm radio
and you can also use it to charge up
your electronics it has a usb
port and then you can use the solar
panel or the crank to wind it up and charge your electronics item and
as a bonus it has a flashlight every emergency kit
needs some tools try a multi-tool maybe a knife things
like duct tape
zip ties small items you don’t want to
go overboard you don’t want to include
your entire workbench in your emergency kit
but have a few tools and a way to handle
small emergencies that come your way
a small sewing kit is also a great item
to have in your emergency kit
it’s best if you’re prepping an
emergency gear comes in a container
that’s easy to pick up and go grab and
it could be something like a tote with
a backpack a duffel bag something that
you could easily in an emergency
grab it and evacuate take it out to your
run outside of your home have your
things ready to go
gather it all together then you can grab
and go
if your emergency gear container is too large or too heavy break it down into two smaller
bags store them together
if you did indeed have to evacuate
that’s when you want to make sure that
you have something
like a sleeping bag or an emergency
bivvy Life Bivy Go Time Gear
or a life tent Life Tent Go Time Gear that you could make a shelter if you needed to
perhaps an emergency survival blanket
black plastic
bag something that you could make a
shelter if you had to leave your home
that’s when you want to make sure that
you have some fire starting equipment
so that you have a way to keep your
family warm
if you’re resetting your emergency survival gear bug out bag for the winter
make sure you have things like hand
warmers some gloves a hat
if you’re resetting your prepping gear emergency survival bug out bag
for the summer
make sure that you have a lightweight
long-sleeve clothing to protect you from
the sun have some sunscreen and some insect
spray because we don’t know if we’ll have to
leave our home make sure you have paper maps of the roads around where you live
so that you can negotiate your way if
you need to
then make sure you have a copy of your
identification your insurance cards
your important numbers the phone numbers addresses and contact information
of those you would most want to get in
touch with it could be everyone from
your family members to your child’s
to your doctor your pharmacy the
important numbers that you would need to
contact everyone from your mother to
your boss
have those numbers written down and have them with your emergency gear
add an extra set of clean clothing for
each family member
take into account the special needs of
your family do you have
a pet maybe you need to bring a leash a
some extra food prescription medicines
you rely on
extra glasses hearing aid batteries all
of those special circumstances you need
to take into account for yourself
but remember this is just for an
emergency don’t load this up like you’re going on
a grand excursion overseas for a month
you want this emergency kit to be a three day 72 hour
grab and go bug out bag that includes
the essentials you would need for
several days an essential item for every emergency
is cash make sure you have as much cash as you can gather together and keep with
your emergency gear don’t rob your supplies for things that
aren’t an emergency I actually went to the store the other
day and it said there’s a shortage of change if you
can’t give us the exact amount find another way to pay
I’ve never seen anything like that
before in my life
fall or spring it’s a great time to
reset your prepping emergency gear
go through your emergency prepping supplies add things that are missing
replace things that are expired or out
of date
and make sure that you go through each
category of emergency gear must have items
from food water shelter tools first aid
be prepared to take care of yourself so
you can make the best of whatever comes your way
if you enjoyed my video i hope you’ll share it with someone else you think
might like it
learn more at alaskagranny.com and
please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel youtube prepper prepping channel

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Tactical Flashlight Tactical Flashlight Where Can I Buy

15 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Tactical Flashlight Where Can I Buy At 10:46

  1. Great list of prepping needs for an emergency.
    The Wal-Mart near me doesn't take cash. There was one register for cash but it was out of service of course. 😐

  2. It's a crazy world Granny. Definitely reminds of the 50s worrying & waiting for an atomic bomb to drop.
    Even being prepared isn't all that soothing right now. In a funk. Need to reset my attitude.
    Mental Health maintenance is something YouTube prepper channels don't talk much about. Probably something they should.

  3. To me bugging out means to flee for life or death. Fortunately we have 4 homes per square mile so essentially we’re bugged out in place already . We have a large wooded area 5 minutes away if we want to completely vanish. People from the city can’t escape anything in 72 hours assuming they have a full tank of gas if the worst case occurs ie no food, no gas. I think the most important thing to consider when bugging out is the ability to avoid people entirely and to be able to eliminate any threat to our existence if need be. This would be fleeing starving people from cities who have zero ability to self sustain. I can probably load up 6 months of non refrigerated food in under an hour and live in my car for shelter comfortably for as long as need be. I love AG but We can live off a 20lb bag of rice and a few cans of canned meat , 3 cases of bottled water for a couple weeks. I can hunt and fish locally. My biggest personal question is what would push me to the limit that I needed to go off grid where I live.

  4. Great ideas as always! I love that radio flashlight that you showed and am going to have to order one! Thanks for putting all the information on all your gear in the description box. It is really helpful!!!πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

  5. Luv how she breaks it down for you ..so calm & matter-of-fact – im new to this because my city is chaos !!! All the stuff i threw away all summer granny has uses for!!! I will save it now!!! But she Dont look like a granny!!! Luv from NYCπŸ—½πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ godbless u allπŸ™πŸ˜‡

  6. I have nearly all the supplies I will need when going camping or using at home if we lose electricity and regularly I buy food which I can use when there isn't electricity and that happens often here in Arkansas. My backpack have many of the items in it including tools for use in and around the home and the only thing I don't have is enough diesel fuel for my tractors. It is nice to have all the information and supplies on hand for emergencies only and I thought of that and do have to go to the bank to get more money out of my accounts to add to my cash on hand as I have used some of it last year when my accounts was locked by the IRS.