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good afternoon guys today we’re going to
be going over the ak-47 going to talk a
little bit about the history of it the
characteristics some pros and cons why
it’s good why it’s bad
so the ak-47 was designed by a guy named
Mikhail Kalashnikov way back in
early 1940s it was adopted by the
Russian military in 1947 the Russians
aren’t real creative when it comes to
dating or naming their their weapon
system so pretty much it has a number on
it that’s the year that it was adopted
therefore ak-47 1947 some of the good
things about the ak-47 I have personally
I like the weapon it’s very durable very
rugged if you’ll notice that it’s
there’s a lot of metal there’s a lot of
wood unlike our m4 platform where we got
some plastic and some lighter material
on it this sucker
it’s pretty heavy weighs in at a little
over 10 pounds fully jammed up it shoots
a 7 6 2 by 39 round which is what we
call an intermediate cartridge it’s good
ballistics out to about 300 meters after
that they start to drop off a little bit
out of this gun on the ak-47 it is a
piston driven weapon meaning that it’s
shoulder-fired there’s a piston inside
of it that is operated by a gas system
this is a gas tube on it right here and
the gas flows down here operates the
piston which operates the bolt carrier
group the pros on this gun would be that
it has one a loose fit of parts and some
people wouldn’t wouldn’t think that
would be a good thing but it actually
works out really well this gun is mass
produced in multiple different countries
that put it out and so you can find a
couple of broken ones on the ground and
cannibalize them put them all together
and pretty much can guarantee that
you’re going to at least get one working
gun out of it so that loose fitting
apart that so that’s actually a pretty
good thing it also helps with dust
corrosion dirt all that crazy stuff that
you get in them you can pick them up out
of the mud and the dirt shake it out and
it’s usually pretty good to go as a
chrome-lined barrel that’s good it’s
very resistant to corrosive ammunition
that’s what you’re going to
find a lot of corrosive ammo that this
gun to has a tendency to want to shoot
it has double rope springs inside so
that means that the hammer spring the
trigger springs are very durable they’re
going to last a whole lot longer some
bad things on this gun would be it
doesn’t have a provision for a bolt
so like on our m4 where we can lock the
bolt to the rear this gun doesn’t have
any function like that and so it’s
actually a it’s detrimental in a
firefight because on your last round the
bolt does not lock to the rear so
basically you don’t know when it runs
empty until you hear clicking the gun so
that’s the loudest sound in a gunfight
if you’re not sure so no bolt hold-open
provision also makes it difficult to do
an unload show clear because you can’t
keep the bolt lock to the rear you
actually physically have to hold it back
the entire time now the selector switch
on this gun if you’ll notice is on the
right hand side unlike our m4 which we
normally can leave our thumb resting on
it and we have a pretty positive
knowledge of where our safety selector
switch is with the ak-47 it’s hard to do
with our hand on our primary fire
control it’s very hard to manipulate
that selector switch for most guys like
myself what I’ll do is I’ll actually
just keep my hand resting up here on the
magazine and leave my thumb on the
safety selector switch I can still keep
one hand freed open doors hold a
flashlight shake hands kiss babies
whatever but with this one if I needed
to I can quickly manipulate the safety
selector switch as I’m bringing a gun up
and get on target so that’s just a
technique that we can use there so now
that I’ve gone over the couple of the
good things and bad things about ak-47
I’m going to shoot a couple rounds take
you through a couple of the different
modes of fire so this gun here is a
semi-auto and a fully automatic gun on
the side of the weapon here you actually
have three different notches all the way
up is safe in the middle we’ve got a
little infinity symbol that’s the fun
switch and then all the way at the
bottom it’s got a 1 that’s our single
shot mode all right so we’ll shoot a
couple single shots with it
now we’ll switch you to the fun switch
so that’s a quick review of the ak-47 if
you have any questions or comments leave
them in the section below and we’ll get
back to you thanks

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  1. All these idiots complaining in the comments must not know AK's are about as customizable as an AR. I.E. left hand guns, ambi safety selectors, etc, etc.

  2. Just want to say this is one of the best fundamental reviews of the basic controls on a Kalashnikov I have seen. I guess most firearms sites think everyone already knows all this, but actually seeing or handling select-fire AK's isn't something most people do everyday. And seeing you demonstrate the safety/fire control switch on this one confirmed something I had learned in my childhood— namely that the first position off of safe on one of these is the full-auto position. What I saw as a kid further stated that since the first position off safe is the one that a weapon is intended to be used on mostly, that Kalashnikov's were therefor intended to be used to spray bullets on full-auto. Now where did I read all this as a kid? On the back of an action figure package! And it wasn't even G.I. Joe, it was a cheaper knock off brand, but it had accurate info about the little enemy dudes weapon, so it couldn't have been all bad. Just something I had always remembered; but then, things like that are what can get someone interested in firearms for life, so I'm glad I had such interests way back then.

  3. When all of the militias,terrorists,insurgents and dozens and dozens of countries are still using it, it MUST be good

  4. My milled AK weighs about 10 pounds with metal 30 round magazines. A stamped gun should weigh about 8 pounds fully loaded.