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all right so we’re still out here with
Randall Rawhide Wurst and we’re going
through the different layers of
equipment that he uses oh all the way we
started with his vehicle we’ve worked
through his rucksack his vest stuff he
has on his person we’re down in the last
level this is the layer of gear that
Randy has on him is everyday carry Randy
where you want to start Randy: all right
because uh I could normally I normally
this is inside you don’t see it but with
the mics and all this is the Nano light
so always have light with me I took
those bands off that we connect our
Karl: sunglasses Randy: sunglasses cut that put it
over to so it’s dens of noise okay so
simple Swiss Army knife the main things
I use for is the tweezers more than
anything toothpick and I use the file
here when I have my strike-anywhere
matches so I can bring it right down
where I need to light it Karl: just not in the
wind Randy: right so that is always on
me there will be two two knives that I
carry a thin blade for working when I
need something thin but it’s locking and
that’s the case this is a Browning this
I always have fixed blades on me
because they’re stronger they don’t
have any weak point on them Karl: these are
both razor sharp I don’t even need the
trial Randy: yes yeah I keep Karl: you swear by your
fixed blade knives
Randy: yes I’m a fixed blade man they don’t
have a weak point to them you know all
hinge knives do Karl: that they do Randy: now this is
the Karl: skeletal Randy: skeletal Karl: I love them Randy: and
the main thing I just use that is for
the plier part give this light weight
it’ll clip on to my belt and that’s
really all that I use it has a couple
other things on it Karl: screwdrivers
reversible bits things like that
Randy: yeah Karl: good choice very lightweight Randy: now
on my pouch right here are survival
gears lights
farm three methods and making fire
there’s actually
super glue from what that’s the smallest
I get medical so I could seal stuff up
with superglue but I wanted to show you
when I did this stuff with Jerry
Mitchell’s family Karl: yeah Randy: this is my
candle fits in this pouch we built seven
fires that’s all that was taken out of
this all it was burn out of and that’s
seven fires I started with that Karl: alright now
this started as just a mint 10 Randy: yes Karl: and
you melted some of your wives candles
and Randy: yes the only thing you gotta watch
out is this you can get her candles
without or knowing about it
don’t use your pots and pans for God’s
sakes don’t do it inside the house Karl: don’t do it in
the house
Randy: yeah man bad news all right though
now Karl: you can’t carry this stuff
everywhere obviously Randy: no so we have Karl
I uh what we were long haired black ops or in
the civilian mode I call it our Sunday go
to meeting Karl: Sunday go to meetings Randy: when
you see me and we’re all dressed up on
our finest this is equipment here honest
to god it’s always with me yeah and we
will not be caught without stuff my
knife CRKT I like it
I cut steak when I go to restaurants I
cut steak with could I fight with it yes
can I kill somebody
no but all I’m trying to do is disable
them but it’s just the utility tech knife
for me Karl: it’ll get pretty deep Randy: and the way
it’s designed and way carried I make my
own zip ties and then that’s the system
I have so it can’t tighten or untight
on it so it’s up out of the way and
people don’t really notice it but I do
have something to defend myself and then
the small utility type tool that’s made by
Gruber and it’s just small stuff I mean
I don’t want things big things hanging
off of me now this small pouch this
carries the collapsible knives of the
lockout it carries lights can openers
and fire making material in it but you
know the what it’s called teek Karl: tea lights
yeah that’s what I call them Randy: what I did
was I took the wax out of one slit cut
it slipped it and put it over
one so now I have a mini little candle
Karl: with a lid on it Randy: with a lid on it you
have to have a lid on it and you have to
have metal to retain the wax Karl: otherwise
it’s just one of those little emergency
candles the wax just melts off when done
in your fire you can’t save it get right
to have a base underneath your candle Randy: so
anytime you see Karl and I we’re never
naked if you will always have something
on us Karl: alright um easily this man is prepared
for the worst-case scenario if you want
to learn more about any of his equipment
each and every item and it’s not just
having the equipment it’s having the
mindset and the knowledge
it’s that knowledge that’s going to push
you above the rest you buy all this
stuff but you need to have the knowledge
and that this right here is where you’re
going to get that technical expertise on
how to use that stuff Randy how often
you run these courses out here at a
Rockcastle shooting center Randy: I try to run
a couple per months and I start like
October and over through February Karl: do you
like to run them in the winter Randy: yes if
you want to really test yourself um you
need to do it in the worst case
scenarios and Karl: worst case scenario Randy: plus
there are snakes I’ve had problems with
people with phobias with snakes and they
actually have phobias with bugs that has
ticks in the summertime so Karl: I think it’s
beautiful out here in winter little
chilly but a great place to learn how
the viewers that really want to do this
training with you how do they reach out
to you
Randy: I all my schools at Rockcastle shooting
center so just get a hold of Rockcastle
shooting center go on their website and
it’ll show how to get in touch with any
of the training because they have far more
stuff than just me so it’ll be listed
and you can find me on there Karl: alright so just
like any other subject if you want to
learn about it obviously you go to that
subject matter expert for that
particular topic but if you want to
learn about how to be prepared for the
worst case scenario there’s not going to
be anybody better to teach you that then
Randall Rawhide Wurst so reach out to
him and any other questions by all means
push them towards me I’ll get you in
touch with him or you go straight to the
Rockcastle web site

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  1. In another pocket on his cargo pants I would include a small first aid kit with a tourniquet and wound packing gauze with blood clouting agent. Assorted bandaids and any other items you might need.

  2. I think he is carrying too many redundant tools. Why have a folder that is nearly the same as the fixed that you carry? Why have a little swiss army tool if you also carry a larger multitool? Why have two multitools? Why have two fixed blades? Just a lot of weird choices for stuff to be carried everywhere.