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  1. It's a great piece of gear. It's made to be light weight and portable hence the no MOLLE. But, I think he said he was going to try a version that incorporates it.

  2. would you happen to know where i can find some really good quality nylon fabric. wanting to make an 8ft in diameter parachute. ripstop nylon fabric gets expensive per yard. looking for the fabric to cheap but dourabe. you responce is appricated and thanks for the help.

  3. Yup Im diggin that pouch, Thanks for sharing, American made too Nioce!!!!
    Take care my friend

  4. He has them at a discount right now at his website! link in the description box. Thanks for watching.

  5. Everybody please check out my Kickstarter project for the NEWEST version of the Mini Kit the MK-7: