10 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Tc1200 Where To Order At 18:46

  1. Very nice gear review for sure. You might be able to take a drill and drill out that lanyard hole just a small amount so para cord will fit through and then you will have the perfect EDC pocket tool. Thanks for sharing

  2. Nice review, looks perty sturdy, a little steep at 60$ I'm sure for that price its gonna hold up to some abuse… hopefully

  3. Hi AR
    I'm just curious why you recommend this? There were no examples of you working with the tool in the video, so I cant understand what is good about it. How about pros and cons in use?

  4. You said the name correct! it is a little confusing, but it is Lakota for: Among the trees.

    As for the lanyard hole; while the size of the hole is somewhat small for para-cord, it can fit in the hole. You just have to cut the cord at a 30 degree angle and melt the end together to make a point. It will thread through with a little work. 

    Thanks for the review!

  5. P.S. The price is indicative of the steel used, it's some of the best blade steel you can buy, and it will last a lifetime!

  6. With something like that, you can very easily just redrill the hole out for the lanyard and just use a chainsaw, or round file for taking down the sharp edges. as for the first card, it will make a great ferro rod striker if the edges are that sharp. As a hard core prepper and survivalist myself, I try and fine as many uses as possible with everything, improvise, adapt and overcome. . A.t.b from omega survival.